Podemos Doesn't Support PSOE Amendment That Will Promote Dolores Delgado When She Stops Being Attorney General Listen to this article

Podemos does not support the PSOE amendment that would promote Dolores Delgado when she ceases to be Attorney General.  Spain

Pablo Ichenic, a spokesman for United We Can in Congress, indicated this Thursday that his group is puzzled by the Socialist amendment that proposes promoting state attorney generals to the highest rank when they expire and made it clear that they will not support it. “We were not informed about that amendment, we are not going to support it and we are also surprised that the Minister of Justice has come out defending this movement without any cleavage which, at least, A little weird,” he said. said in a statement to reporters in the hall of Congress. The PP also stated that if the Socialists did not withdraw it, they would vote against the bankruptcy law.

An amendment to the bankruptcy law has been introduced, but is aimed at reforming the public prosecutor’s statute, and the opposition has shown their complete disapproval, noting that it is a tailored suit for the current Attorney General, Dolores Delgado, to reward her. For when I step down.

Ichenic has acknowledged that his group has come to know “through the press” of the socialist initiative and has not yet had the opportunity to speak with his colleagues. “At least it is kind of weird; This is a law which has nothing to do with the functioning of the office of the Attorney General of the State”, he reiterated.

PSOE filed its amendment two weeks ago, but did not publicize it, so it went unnoticed until this Wednesday, until opposition groups echoed it. The justice minister, Pilar Lopp, denied when asked by reporters that the government had created a “tailored suit” for Delgado, and said the amendment that proposes to elevate the attorney general to the rank of courtroom prosecutor. Removal from office is one of the recommendations suggested by the Council of Europe (Greco) group of states against corruption.

The debate about protecting the attorney general once he steps down is nothing new. Members of the Financial Council recalled this Wednesday that a proposal similar to that introduced in the PSOE amendment was already included in a draft of the new regulation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office during the phase of Delgado’s predecessor Segarra. Carlos García Bero, member of the fiscal council for the Progressive Union of Prosecutors (UPF), recalled that all members of this body, both members of the UPF and members of the conservative Association of Prosecutors, agreed to make this amendment, but they were rejected. made that it can be made through the amendment of the Regulations because the categories of the carrier are regulated in the organic statute of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which has the force of law, therefore any aspect referring to these categories A law is required to amend.

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