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Last Tuesday, still recovering from Will Smith’s slap on bad comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars, Carmen Manana, a brave journalist, had the courage to point out another big dilemma, from this newspaper. That there is a worrying drift in the relationship between the House of Chanel and its ambassador, Penelope Cruz, subjecting her to wearing ostentatious attire that does not enhance her or allow her inexhaustible beauty and brilliance to be shown, nor are they in that place. where she pervades both the European film industry and Hollywood. Carmen Manana, very brave, broke the taboo of a worrying subject, speaking only in a low voice that could at least hide some of the disorientation.

The legendary French house, which has crafted beauties like Romy Schneider and Marilyn Monroe herself with its perfumes, insists on confusing the Spanishness of our beloved star with the French vision of Mexican or Puerto Rican. It seems unbelievable that an actress who managed not to objectify or stereotype her in Hollywood now sees herself in the confines of caricature. This is the flow of cooperation and we should sound the alarm. With her history, with her filmography, with her honorary Caesar, it is impossible to admit that the actress agrees with this drift. This is a bad collaboration. Karl Lagerfeld chose Penelope Cruz as ambassador and her successor, Virginie Viard, or her team, did not understand or confuse her with her friend Salma Hayek. They are not satisfied with dressing her as a piata, as they did for the Goya Awards, but for the Oscars they claim to have interpreted her as Lorca and cast her in Don Diego de la Vega, Zorro’s widow. Changed. It’s all painful and worth pointing out to stop Viard and let Chanel find out that before it was a brand full of prestige, culture and talent, but now, out of focus.

My mother always said: “There are more bad or stupid people than good ones. Good is rare and being good is better”. Laura Rodriguez, the brand new villain to save Mediaset from a meltdown. She reveals her infidelity to Manuel, the blue-eyed boyfriend of the troubled Rocio Flores. And it reveals more hair than hints at her encounters with Manuel in the same bed where she slept with Rocio and confesses to worry that Rocio Jurado’s granddaughter might find some of her hair between the sheets. To the taste and cleanliness of Mediaset, he exhibits a lush and dark mane in the form of a night, the type of mane with strong hairs. Right now when everyone is talking about Alopecia.

On the other hand, Covid has affected posh weddings as well. The results are clear. Magazine Hello! She has had to work to keep the aristocratic tone at least in her bridal offering this week. The intoxication of floral prints made most of them appear to have been designed by a costume designer from the first season, except for the divine Eugenia Silva, despite the unexpected coldness due to climate change. Aristocrat class,

Not that they were better dressed. Royal Family At the funeral of Philip in Edinburgh, who seems to have taken good taste of the next world with him. They were all covered and disfigured, in a new world overwhelmed with old jewels. The magazines expected the meeting between Queen Letizia and Mary Chantal Miller to behave like typical hatred The one who tweets without showing his face on social networks and in this case he has shown his true colors. Pushy and goofy, Miller slipped. Let’s hope to meet again next April 13th, the date of the tenth anniversary of the fall of Juan Carlos I in Botswana, where so many bad and wrong things fell to the floor for that lifestyle enjoyed by people like Marie Chantal .

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