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Friendship with Pedro Solbes is one of those gifts that life sometimes gives you by a stroke of luck. Friends of friends, inquisitive economists, exemplary civil servants, public servants and politicians. It gets talked about a lot these days, and rightly so.

Their vital purpose, even commitment, was to do things well and contribute to the common good. And for this he always understood that there is not only one way and that people who do not think like him may have their reasons for them. And it was worth spending time searching for consensus, building bridges, understanding and empathy understood as an honest exercise. a full democracy.

One of the great secrets of Pedro Solbes was how he approached problems. He analyzed them, took them apart, cut them short, understood their individual parts closely and then with common sense Out of the ordinary, he addressed possible solutions, attempting to integrate different perspectives.

And what didn’t have a solution wasn’t a problem. One day, a minister told him that he had a big problem, as he needed a huge sum of money to close his budget. Soulbase looked at him with his characteristic phlegm and said: “Then it’s not a problem. If you needed five or ten million it would be a problem, because then we would have to discuss where we got it from. But this is an impossible amount. And, therefore, there is no problem”. common sense.

We will miss a confident European who, even his political rivals, has always recognized his good intentions, decency, intelligence and integrity.

He always said he had been very lucky in life, certainly without realizing that we were lucky to have him around, with his camaraderie, sarcastic humor, sociability, dedication and devotion to public affairs, and commitment to equality. . rest in peace.

david vegara He is a former secretary of state for the economy; carlos ocaña, former Secretary of State for Finance; And Juana LazaroFormer Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy and Finance

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