Pedro Sánchez talks with Mohamed VI to cement a “new phase” between the two “strategic partners”

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Pedro Sánchez talks with Mohamed VI to cement a "new phase" between the two "strategic partners" Listen to this article

This Thursday, the President of the Government took a new step in the renewal of diplomatic relations between Spain and Morocco. Pedro Sánchez has announced that he has spoken with the Alaouite king, Mohammed VI, to strengthen ties between the two countries and to address the crisis that struck the Moroccan monarch with a letter from the Spanish leader two weeks ago. began to settle. In a tweet, Sanchez said he has spoken with Mohammed VI and that he has launched a “road map that consolidates the new phase between the two countries”, which he calls “neighbours” and “strategic partners”. as described. In line with other speeches, Sánchez has assured that new ties were restored after the diplomatic conflict that arose in Spain after the reception of Saharawi leader Brahim Gali – who was hospitalized in a hospital in Logrono in April last year so that the serious condition could be treated. covid-, will be based on “transparency, mutual respect and compliance with agreements”.

Morocco has invited Sanchez to visit Morocco in the near future. “In this context, various ministers and officials of both countries are urged to initiate concerted action within the framework of an ambitious roadmap that addresses all areas of the Association and which integrates all issues of common interest, They say. The Moroccan Royal Cabinet released this Thursday. The statement speaks of a “new phase” in relations between the two countries “based on mutual respect, mutual trust, enduring agreement and clear and loyal cooperation”.

The call between Sánchez and the Moroccan head of state comes 16 days after the former’s letter, addressed to the Alaouite monarch, described Morocco’s proposal for an autonomous process for Western Sahara, a former Spanish colony, by the Spanish president. was described as “the most”. Serious, credible and realistic”, widely interpreted as a change in Spain’s traditional position on the Saharawi conflict.

The news comes on the eve of a visit to Rabat of Spain’s foreign minister, José Manuel Albers, as part of an action to seal a reconciliation between the two countries after a nearly year-long diplomatic crisis, which resulted in his withdrawal. Moroccan ambassador to Spain Karima Benaich, who returned to Madrid on 10 March after a ten-month absence.

Everything follows, a script measured and agreed between Spain and Morocco to resolve the crisis. Once again, the Moroccan king’s statement appears before the Spanish, and gives an account of the steps being taken to restore the relationship. This decision to qualify Morocco as “more serious” has caused the executive to face significant political erosion, which means setting aside other options and ending the neutrality that Spain maintained. No one in Congress supports him, with his allies disapproving of Bari and even the opposition, as seen in Sanchez’s own debate this Wednesday.

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However, the socialist sector of the executive and those who have managed to get out of this crisis, in particular Sánchez and Albers, are convinced that time will eventually prove them right, because, they say, Spain will not allow itself to be in a serious crisis. could. A strategic neighbor like Morocco, a country that has shown it can raise its hand at any moment and force thousands to attack Ceuta or Melilla, as happened last May, plus thousands more People were allowed to leave on one. Small boat to the Canary Islands.

Sánchez and his team stressed that Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands have full support for this agreement with Morocco and believe that the rest of Spain will consider it a little bit more. This was the best option. The major collateral problem the deal has created is from Algeria, which has withdrawn its ambassador as a response. However, in the Executive they insist that relations with the Algerians are good and they do not believe that tensions will escalate beyond this episode, making gas supplies, the most relevant strategic issue with the other neighbor to the south. , that’s absolutely right. Guarantee and develop the idea. Nevertheless, criticism continued and several groups in Congress, United We Can, a coalition partner, are taking the initiative against Sánchez’s turn, which could mean a parliamentary defeat for the PSOE in this case if he is to avoid an agreement. but fails to agree. to lose

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