Pebblebee launches a new clip and card with Find My integration

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Pebblebee launches a new clip and card with Find My integration
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item tracking company pebbles Today announced the launch of two new products designed to integrate with the Find My app. bumblebee clip And this pebble card The latest are accessories that can be tracked on iPhone, iPad and Mac via the ‌Find Myh‌ network.

bumblebee clip 1
Both the Clip and the Card are similar to Apple’s AirTag and other Find My compatible tracking devices such as the Chipolo One Spot. Each can be added to the Items tab in the Find My app with just a few taps, and tracked with your other Apple devices.

Like other Find My devices, the PebbleBee Clip and PebbleBee Card take advantage of the Find My Network. When attached to an item that is lost or misplaced out of the item’s owner’s reach, accessories can take advantage of other nearby Apple devices to transmit their location to the item’s owner.

Pebble Card 1

Clips and Cards are unique in that they can also be used optionally with the Pebblebee app to take advantage of the CrowdGPS network, so Apple’s Find My app isn’t the only tracking solution when purchasing these trackers. Both iPhone and Android users can use the Pebblebee app, so they are cross-platform compatible. However, you’ll have to choose either ‘Find My’ or the Pebblebee app, as the two don’t work together.

Design-wise, the Pebblebee Clip is a standard-looking black item tracker with a metal frame, and is designed to clip keys, bags, bikes, luggage, and other valuables. It offers a tracking range of 500 feet with water resistance and a loud buzzer to make it easy to locate. The clip also includes LED lights that are designed to be easy to find in the dark.

Pebble Clip 2

The Pebblebee card is ideal for wallets, bags, coats, passports and other similar items. It’s made from a soft-touch black plastic material and is about the thickness of some credit cards. For comparison, the Pebblebee card is the same size as the Chipolo card Spot we reviewed earlier this year. It has a loud quit alert and can play a remarkably loud sound when activated through the Find My app.

Unlike the AirTag, the Clip and Card have a built-in rechargeable battery, so there’s no need to replace the battery regularly. On the Clip, the battery lasts up to six months on a single charge, and on the Card, the battery lasts up to 12 months on a single charge.

Card recharging can be done via an included proprietary charging cable that magnetically attaches to item trackers. You’ll need to supply your own power adapter and make sure you don’t lose the charger, but overall, it’s a better charging solution than a replaceable (or non-replaceable like the Chipolo) battery. Charging the Clip is even easier because it includes a USB-C port and can be charged with any USB-C cable.

Pebble Card 2

The inclusion of rechargeable batteries in the clip and card doesn’t make them any thicker than other item tracking solutions. The card is thin enough to fit even inside a thin wallet, and the clip is about the same thickness as the AirTag.

Can be pebble clip and pebble card purchased from pebbleby website, Each costs $30, and a pack of four clips is available for $100.

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