Ozark: MBTI® of the Main Characters

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Ozark: MBTI® of the Main Characters
Ozark: MBTI® of the Main Characters Listen to this article

Although Marty Bird (Jason Bateman) was the main character of the hit Netflix series OzarksHe did not run the show alone. Marty is a genius, but he is also a team player who always works with others to get the job done. As a result, the show had a lot of interesting characters.

As for the main characters, none of them share the same personality. Everyone has different beliefs and this often leads to conflicts between them. but that’s what he did Ozarks A great show. This is where each of the main characters Ozarks fits into Myers-Briggs® Personality types.

Sue Shelby – INFJ

INFJs seem awkward at times, but they are good at helping others solve problems. They listen and analyze situations before providing solutions. Because of these characteristics, he is also known as “The Counselor”.

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in between Ozarks Personality type, Sue fits perfectly into this category as she is a therapist. That woman is Wendy and Marty, when Charlotte suggests they ask for help with their marital problems. She is kind and considerate, although she later becomes too bright and kills herself.

Darlene Snell – ISTP

Darlene is mysterious, spontaneous and unpredictable. Even though she looks like a sensible woman from the outside, she is capable of turning into a monster in a jiffy. This is a feature commonly associated with ISTPs.

At times Darlene has proved to be a good lover and a good foster mother. But then it’s hard to forget that one of the worst things he did Ozarks Poisoning the husband after disagreement. He also killed a cartel representative during a business meeting when he taunted her.

Ben – ESFP

looking sad at ben ozarki

He is not known as “The Interpreters” for no reason. ESFPs are good not only at interacting with others but also at entertaining them. They are charming, eclectic and fun-loving. That’s what Wendy Byrd’s brother Ben is about.

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As he approaches the Ozarks, he forms a great bond with Jonah. The public sees him doing crazy things like running naked and sailing at full speed. He is also attracted to the wiser Ruth and falls in love with her.

Charlotte Bird – INFP

INFPs live life according to their values ​​and beliefs. They have a picture in their mind of what they think situations are like, and they become very angry when the circumstances are not. It perfectly describes Wendy and Marty’s teenage daughter, Charlotte.

He hates the fact that his parents are laundering money for a cartel. She sees what they are doing as evil, even though she does some evil things herself, such as stealing books. He even tries to free himself from his family and proceeds to hire a lawyer.

Helen – ESTJ

As the ruthless cartel lawyer (and one of the best villains) Ozarks) who were sent to the Ozarks to ensure that Marty and Wendy are doing what they were told to do, Helen automatically becomes eligible to become an ESTJ. People with this personality trait are also known as “the overseers”.

Helen makes sure to report every progress and setback to her boss. He acts quickly to get rid of anything that might jeopardize the business. Unfortunately, she becomes too ambitious, and at the end of the third and final season, she is killed.

Jonah Byrd-ISFJ

Jonah got up and looked at the Ozarkis to his right

Jonah is loyal to his parents, even if they are criminals. And it’s not just her parents that she cares about. He has always cherished his loved ones, including his sister Charlotte, his Uncle Ben and finally family friend Buddy.

ISFJs are known for their loyalty and support. They also protect and defend the people they care about. Jonah goes so far as to create an online money laundering platform to help his parents. Not to forget that he was also ready to shoot Helen when he learned that she was involved in Ben’s death. At that time also he nearly shot the cartel hitman who had come to kill his family.

Ruth Langmore – ESTP

Ozark Julia Garner

ESTPs like to do before they think. It describes Ruth perfectly. In form of Ozarks Character that deserves its own spin-off. She has always been a thrill seeker who actually does things regardless of the consequences. This was best shown when they arranged for Ben’s release from a mental facility.

He never thought he would put himself at risk by being outside. She just wanted him out because she loved him. Eventually, he stepped on the wrong toes and was killed. Ruth was ready to kill Marty even once. Something that would have been a bad decision because he is the person who has helped her the most.

Omar Navarro – ENTJ

Also known as commanders, ENTJs are known to be leaders who do a good job of ensuring that all plans and strategies are followed. As head of the Navarro cartel, Omar is able to tell whether the people working for him are doing a good job. It is also known when it is being played.

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He had killed Helen after he learned that she was planning to get rid of Wendy and Marty. He even alienates Marty and gives him an important test to show how committed he is to the task. Omar has also shown that he is capable of dealing with his own cartel enemies.

Marty Bird – INFJ

Jason Bateman in Ozark Season 2 Netflix

INFJ always has creative and brilliant ideas. When Marty’s associates are about to be killed by Dale, he thinks sharply and suggests the idea of ​​robbing the cartel’s money in the Missouri Ozarks instead of Chicago because the Feds are not submerged there. In this way his life is saved.

Marty Byrd’s refusal to accept his fate the same way his colleagues did is another INFJ trait. INJFJs do not accept things as they are. They find a better way. Marty continues his creativity by establishing legitimate ways to launder money, including opening a hostel and casino.

Wendy Bird – ENTP

Ozark.  Wendy on the phone in

Alternatively known as visionaries, ENTPs are great at finding solutions to challenges, so it’s no surprise that there are so many citations to prove that Wendy was the smartest character. Ozarks, They are also good at solving problems rather than running from them. This is the case with Wendy, who chose to live and build an empire in the Ozarks rather than pack up and run as Marty suggested.

That’s when it felt like it would be impossible to get a casino license. Wendy figured out a way to use Jonah’s online money laundering platform to blackmail the senator. He also found a way to change the minds of the couple who were unwilling to sell their business.

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