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Ourense: 24 hours in beautiful Ribadavia, capital of Ribeiro

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two mighty rivers: the Avia, which mirrors the medieval city of Ribadavia, and the Mino, which infant Shortly after. Underground, a sea of ​​hot springs. Above it, another wine: this is the capital of the region of O Ribeiro. and descending the steep streets, amid gleaming houses and Romanesque churches, a Amazon About History: This city in the province of Ourense was a thriving Jewish quarter and the capital of the Kingdom of Galicia. More water, more wine, many centuries…

In Francelos, the pre-Romanesque church of San Zeus, from the 9th century.
In Francelos, the pre-Romanesque church of San Zeus, from the 9th century.Alami

09.00 River walk

A great way to start the day with energy San Francisco’s Medieval Bridge (1) And start walking, jogging or pedaling along the river promenade that runs along the right bank of the Evia and then down to the Mino. willing to move to the small town of Francelos (2), which is about two and a half kilometers (half an hour’s walk at a brisk pace) to admire Church of San XAn imposing work of Pre-Romanesque style from the 9th century, with an openwork granite window that appears to have been the work of a stonecutter chopsticks or the lace makers when you return, you can have breakfast boot coffee (3)Next to the Convent of Santo Domingo, or on the terrace bald coffee (4) (Rua Vierxe o Porta, 5), considering Castle of the Counts of Ribadavia,

Palace of the Counts of Ribadavia, residence of the Sarmiento family.
Palace of the Counts of Ribadavia, residence of the Sarmiento family.D. Carreno (Image)


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11.00 Palace, Inside

to look inside Castlewhich stands on a rock full of anthropomorphic tombs, you have to go to Praza Mayor and pass the tourist office, which is Pazo de los Condes (5), 17th century. Here and in the neighboring palace lived the lords of Ribadavia, the Sarmiento family, a very fitting nickname for the wine-growing town. home in pazo Jewish Information Center, where the history of the local Jewish community is told, which was one of the most prosperous in Galicia, flourishing from the wine trade. It was also one of the most envied and persecuted. In 1606, a Malasin (from the Hebrew Malasin: informant) denounced 200 neighbors for their practices of Judaizing, including his brother-in-law, brother, and his late mother. Two of them were sentenced to burn at the stake and 40 were sentenced to six months to four years in prison.

Rua de Merelles Caula, in the Jewish quarter of Ribadavia.
Rua de Merelles Caula, in the Jewish quarter of Ribadavia.andres campos

12.30 Visit to the Jewish Quarter

Once you’ve seen the Plaza Mayor and all that’s in it, you have to go down Merelas Kaula Street 6), which was the main point of the Jewish quarter, where the synagogue was. Eyes go to the street of San Martino House of Inquiry (7), A 16th-century building with five coats of arms of families associated with the Holy Office. and parallel to Santiago, They visit the church of the same name, Romanesque, from the 12th century, which existed in the town. next to it Ethnographic Museum (8), with a lucrative section devoted to fishing in the river, was, after wine, the biggest asset Ribadavia had. Up the street, at number 11, is Key’s Bakery As Nisas (9), Where three sisters make and sell Hebrew sweets. Its cream straws are famous.

Historic complex of Ribadavia, next to the Sarmiento palace.
Historic complex of Ribadavia, next to the Sarmiento palace.D. Carreno (Image)

14.30 Octopus with tortilla cheese or grilled

It is advisable not to abuse dessert, because it is time to eat and two steps away from the pastry shop, one of the best restaurants in Ribadavia, Praza da Madalena awaits you: or Birn (10) (988 47 23 17). who asks Belief Octopus with duck, tortilla cheese or beef cheek, hit. Another great restaurant to dictate (Eleven) (988 54 52 52) And other successes, its grilled octopus, its razor clams and its roast beef. For a special occasion, as it is not cheap, head to the outskirts of Ribadavia Sabrego (12) (988 49 18 09). What Marco Varela cooks is worthy of a Michelin star.

Bottle of Cancion de Elisa, a wine made at a family winery in Santo Andre de Campo Redondo.
Bottle of Cancion de Elisa, a wine made at a family winery in Santo Andre de Campo Redondo.Adega Dona Elisa

16.00 Santo André, a paradise of wine

If we eat at Sabrego we don’t have to walk a hundred meters to get there Galician Wine Museum (13), as it is next door, in the location of Santo Andre de Campo Redondo. It is located in a huge 18th-century winery that once made wine for the Monastery of San Martín Pinario in Santiago de Compostela. One lakh liters is saved here every year. Logically, one of its rooms is dedicated to the surrounding wine region, O Ribeiro, one of the oldest and most exclusive in Galicia. We’ll round off the Oenological Getaway in Santo André de Campo Redondo Visiting Adega Dona Elisa (14)a warehouse of coleteiro (from Harvester) Family, small, with less than a hectare of vineyard, which produces a delicious wine: Cancion de Elisa. They make it with droppers: 5,000 bottles a year. nothing to do with giant Costira Vineyards, the largest winery in Ribadavia and the entire community, selling five million bottles. You can also visit.

Thermal bath in the evening at 20.00

Later, dropping by isn’t a bad idea Prexiguero Hot Springs (fifteen), about five kilometers south of Ribadavia. They feature Japanese-inspired open-air baths in a pine forest, with pools where the water cools at about 40 degrees in both winter and summer. Depending on the ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure, the water is clear, white or turquoise. It is visited by 60,000 people every year. It is very popular like the prices: 5.70 euros for a thermal circuit of 90 minutes. There is a queue on Saturday and Sunday, so it is better to go on a weekday. At dusk, when the pools are illuminated, this is when they are at their most palatable.

One of the dishes in the restaurant of the Castel d'Arman Winery Hotel.
One of the dishes in the restaurant of the Castel d’Arman Winery Hotel.Scribble / Castel de Arman

21.30 Dinner and rural accommodation

Back in Ribadavia, enter Papuksa Tavern (16) (609 96 09 61) It’s like stepping into the Middle Ages: earthen floors, large wooden pots, customers serving themselves wine cuncas Earthenware… Here you can have a drink and a snack. For dinner-dinner, we’ll go or pucheiro (17) (988 47 09 06), where you can try minnow eels, renowned for their finesse and their exquisite flavour. Octopus, cod and cuttlefish are also delicious.

Here, two exquisite country lodges where you can sleep soundly in vaulted silence Pazo dos Ulloa (18)A 15th-century house and hotel-winery in the parish of Esposande Armaan’s house (19)which is located in an 18th-century building at the top of Santo André de Campo Redondo, surrounded by socalcos Where Ribeiro vines take root. Also a good place to watch the sunrise.

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