Oscars 2022: How pathetic is it to miss the Oscars for a slap Listen to this article

Those responsible for the media tell me with logical pleasure that there are many users on the network who inform themselves of what happened in that pomp and circumstance called the Oscars. And I don’t think the vast majority of interest is focused on the best film of the year according to the Academy’s learned and irrefutable criteria, because I suspect that coda It has gathered many audiences in theaters even if they had no idea about it, but given host Joe irritable or very hungry Will Smith funny (untimely?) presenter Chris Rock, I think it gave eternal morbidity. Has awakened the taste of world news. Smith, after starring as Cassius Clay and being assured that the comedian’s mouth was a prostitute, apologized to his beloved colleagues at the Academy and proclaimed himself as kitsch, blushing as the “ambassador of love”. . I don’t know what offends me, his loud aggression or his spiritual remorse. I also wonder what would have happened if these two gentlemen had not shared caste and skin colour. Or that they were of the opposite sex. Or that the joke about alopecia must have happened to a professor of toxic sarcasm like my admired Ricky Gervais, who shook the great family while presenting the Golden Globes. In any case, this anticipated festival of dying cinema will be remembered as a forgotten wild forms without complexes. And Leonard Cohen already warned about these dangers: “Before learning magic, it is worth studying etiquette”.

And what about those who have taken the lion’s share? OK, Netflix will continue to be a dazzling business, but it will always be very difficult for Hollywood to forget that theaters are suffering and recognize once and for all that the best movies of recent years are produced by the biggest icons of all time. Used to be. The cinema is intended for home consumption and technical equipment. The very Ladinos, though also consistent, were not crowned in the years before the extraordinary. Rome, Irish And standards, Nor have they done it now with the mighty, twisted, dark and gloomy dog power, I don’t like his characters, their roughness is absolute, but they have first class aesthetics, very detailed atmosphere, talent. He accepts these gifts by recognizing Jane Campion as Best Director, but prefers Best Film. coda, How progressive, modern and humanistic is Hollywood, if time demands proper posture. film award indie, up to a limited budget, in a friendly tone, for a happy ending, for the plot of a deaf family (they warned me the term deaf-mutism is already outlawed) and the need to live my life as the only person in the family that I don’t have a disability. It has a certain humour, very good intentions, there are many interpreters suffering from genuine deafness, you smile many times and quickly forget it. However, I still remember the characters with good taste, the dialogues, the sequences and even the kind of interpretations. Licorice PizzaIgnored in the list of winners.

I really like actress Jessica Chastain, but I’m not going to remember her excessively for her creation Tammy Faye eyes, The Oscar he has received could make up for the Oscar he was rejected for his impressive work darkest night, I have no attachment to ideal actor Will Smith. Nor does he wake me up playing a man who is unbearable to me (yes, I know he always clearly saw what he had to do with his daughters so that they become queens of tennis) acceptable and exhausting. in the range between Williams method,

Jane Campion won the Oscar for Best Direction for The Power of the Dog.
Jane Campion won the Oscar for Best Direction for The Power of the Dog.Jordan Strauss (AP)

I have a serious problem when someone asks me the titles of my favorite movies of recent times. I can’t remember, or I have to count them on the fingers of one hand. It wasn’t always like this. Maybe because I’ve lost the ability to enjoy it. Or that mediocrity and emptiness are becoming the norm. They have to invent antics outside of cinema so that the Oscars can be remembered. And it wasn’t always like this. There were years in which the quality of almost all competing films deserved to win an Oscar.

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