Oscar Awards 2022: Salmon and Breast

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I set myself the challenge of writing a column that can, by way of comparison, compare both Will Smith’s violence at the Oscars and Corinna Larsson’s complaint in the London courts against Juan Carlos I. This is a challenge and two blows, because one position may be defensive, but feel bad, and the other may feel bad, but will help to achieve a certain count. Larsson’s case is more complicated because of its outright bad image in Spain, when in fact it helps to create a society that is more aware of its institutions. It has revealed not only modus operandi of the King Emeritus, but is also stripped of a Justice, who is unable to resolve a dangerous defense for the King and the institution, as attested.

Smith, now with a bad reputation, rejected offensive and rude television humor at the height of his successful career. A sick person cannot be made fun of. Baldness, like obesity or thinness, is not a joke. Making fun of those who are suffering from them is as violent as gestures that provoke them. Bad joke was out of place, is it funny to use other people’s shortcomings or disabilities as material? We surround ourselves with them and we certainly don’t make ourselves better by pointing them out. Not commenting on Smith’s slap would be dodging reality. The blow was precise, almost cinematic and very real. There was almost mechanical logic in the response to the highest-grossing actor in action films. The verbal insult scenes are closed with a punch, a recurring trickle of bad scripts, but here it opens Pandora’s box. And we can’t justify it.

Larson has reacted better than Will Smith, hitting back with a cashmere fist and good lawyers. As the Oscars’ red carpet becomes increasingly bizarre, Larson uses her judgment to provide the situation, the climate, and the style appropriate to the message she intends to send. She is not an actress, she is an expert in financial engineering who has worked for various fortunes. With that standard elegance, sharpened by effort and a good sense of smell, he tries that nothing harms him, while resorting to good manners and legitimacy. Like Smith, Larson sought redress, which is why he did not hesitate to strike a good blow, less crude perhaps, always within one, with a selection of combined clothing. pantone Flat and quiet. Pink and beige, salmon and brisket.

As for action characters, they have similarities. Without immunity and without further support, Larsen, who could win something in this test, an economic compromise or future security, also made a mistake: He showed three bags instead of one. It seemed that with so many cases in his charge, he needed a bag for each of them. Entering the courtyard, they entangled each other and nearly crushed it against the fence protecting the garden. Some enjoyed the stumbling block, but Larson reacted like a stern walker and without any impatience opened his bag and his reasons. Applying some of the Buddhist lessons learned in his meditation class. Seeing her tangled and tangled like this, confirmed my admiration for her cold blood and Kashmiri. Hot.

Yes, Smith acted hot. He’s suppressed the edges of his personality to build that career and win an Oscar, and that’s exactly what Chris Rock’s bad joke might reveal, when that repression turns into violence in the least opportune place and time. In the end, Macho tries to justify himself with tears in the name of love. Heart of gold and fist of steel. and his wife? stone guest. Trapped in his Gaultier.

Away, Larson can receive his little Oscar in front of the men’s law without punches or tears.

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