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Osasuna descends to athletics from Europe

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Osasuna took the three points, Araset clearly won the chess game against Valverde again, and Athletic were out of their place in the conference, which they ceded like a place in the cup final to their more assured neighbor from Pamplona. . What made the group from Bilbao.



Etter, Manu Sanchez, Ariadne, Ruben Peña, David Garcia, Abde (Diego Moreno, min. 87), Aimar Oroz (Iker Munoz, min. 87), Lucas Toro, Kike Barza (Ruben Garcia, min. 68), John Moncayola (Pablo Ibanez , Mr. 78) and Ante Budimir (Kick Garcia, Mr. 79)



Julen Aguirrezabala, Daniel Vivian, Aitor Paredes (Leque, min. 81), Yuri, De Marcos, Oyar Zarraga (O. Sanset, min. 56), Nico Williams, Munian (Raul Garcia, min. 78), Berenguer, Vesga and Williams (Malcom Adu, min. 78)

Target 1-0 min. 49: Before Budimir. 2-0Minute 76: Lucas Toro.

punch alejandro muniz ruiz

yellow card De Marcos (min. 14), Lucas Toro (min. 30), Ante Budimir (min. 66), Berenguer (min. 74), Daniel Vivian (min. 75) and Pablo Ibáñez (min. 83).

Osasuna turns out to be spirited, a march more than athletic, with the memory of the vaccine he received, so after many frustrations in the previous season, whether in the form of the Cup, or as the first stage in the San Mames knowing how to neutralize the Rosiblanco team . But after a few minutes, in which the Rosiblancos could not clear the ball out of their own area, and all the rebounds slid downhill towards the boots of the Osasunistas, the game was level. Valverde’s men have calmed down after their disappointing start, and with Sanset on the bench the odd midfield duo made up of Vesaga and Zarraga have started to work better.

Iñaki Williams too. While Nico was defeated in a fight with Manu Sanchez and aided De Marcos on Abde, the older brother was dedicated to the running, which is his specialty, and the first time he found the back of the defense, he stood up to Ettore. Done, Rubén Peña was in the way, touching his hand to the shot that saw the Bilbao men ask for a penalty. The referee did not blow the whistle, it is no longer known which criteria to follow, and the occasion was a disappointment. Iñaki had another, again on the run, following a well-measured pass from Zaraga, and Etter again had to intervene to save a corner.

Osasuna, always dynamic, always stopped before reaching the area, and Agrirezabala had no work in the first half. But the second began, and Valverde’s idea of ​​leaving Unai Simeone on the bench had its consequences. Osasuna’s first shot on goal of the entire match, a well-placed header from Budimir, was parried by the San Sebastián goalkeeper, who had lost his arm and was unable to deflect the ball in an action that did not seem difficult to do. Had been. The goal, which put Athletic out of the European places and Osasuna in, weighed down Valverde’s side, who despite trying scored, became a shadow on the pitch as the local team doubled their intensity, and Although there were some skirmishes in the Ossunista area, there was no indication that Bilbao might react in the form of a goal.

Furthermore, Osasuna’s second came after Ebede’s free-kick, which hit the post, was unable to defend Athletic’s defense and Toro pushed through from the penalty spot to seal the game, as the latter, The pathetic visitor’s response becomes more meaningless in Arrival, always neutralized by Ariadne and David Garcia, always well placed to carry out their main mission. The Athletic always chose poorly, and so it was.

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