Of course, politics is a matter of primates. stone ax

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Of course, politics is a matter of primates.  stone ax
Of course, politics is a matter of primates. stone ax Listen to this article

The roots of politics are older than humans. This was demonstrated thanks to the work that Frans de Waal deserved: chimpanzee politics (Alliance), a book where Dutch researchers tell us about the simian behaviors inherited from their closest relatives, the primates. For this reason, when Aristotle affirmed that we are political animals, he was not misled.

The above work was written by Frans de Waal in the 1980s and has just been reissued. It’s always a good time to reach their pages, but in recent times it has become necessary to understand some of the human behavior in relation to politics, because hiding intentions and showing lies is not something that Machiavelli said about all that person. Invented for use that aspires to a status, but this is common practice in primate communities.

For example, following Frans de Waal’s book, it is interesting to see how alliances are formed. Contrary to what one might imagine, parties to conflict situations do not arise from the transition of violence, but rather conflicts between different factions in a deliberate manner. This is demonstrated by studies by primatologists Irwen Devore and Ronald Hall in the mid-1960s, when they settled in Kenya to observe the behavior of baboons and discovered that the dominant’s position of power depended not on its fighting strength, Rather it depends on the cooperative relationship. He had baboons of lower rank than him. Reason: Clearing the group to exercise control over anyone who rebels. If we look closely, we humans also follow the same pattern.

In another curious study, the females of a group of gorillas in Atlanta would have a very important role in choosing the weakest gorilla against the strongest as the leader of the group. This triggered a confrontation between the two gorillas. When it came time to fight, the women came to the rescue of their leader, injuring the strongest gorillas, who had to break away from the group when their lives were in danger.

This is just one of many examples that this useful book offers. Overall, if we were to bring an example to our current map where there is a daily category in geopolitical news, that example is of a chimpanzee who has a chance to be among the strongest chimpanzees. However, he throws the opportunity and hangs out with the weakest.

In this way, the weakest becomes an essential element to strengthen the struggle for dominance against the most powerful chimpanzees. This is a rational choice, which, in turn, is based on what is called an outcome estimate. The latter shows that the chimpanzee thinks in the future, but, unlike a human, the chimpanzee is not able to discriminate between what is necessary and what is helpful when anticipating uncertainty. Because if they move around so well, chimpanzees are not chimpanzees; They will be human.

If we follow the examples contained in this work by Frans de Waal, we can say that every time we identify the behavior of primates with our own, we are making a mistake. We are humans who observe the behavior of primates when conducting ourselves in politics. He was a pioneer. Millions of years later Machiavelli arrived to turn chimpanzee politics into science.

stone ax It is a section where Montero Glaze, with prose desire, lays his special siege on scientific reality to show that science and art are complementary forms of knowledge.

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