New iOS app blocks people who ‘open in app’ pop-ups in Safari

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New iOS app blocks people who 'open in app' pop-ups in Safari
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You’ve probably experienced visiting a website like Reddit or LinkedIn on your iPhone, only to be greeted with an annoying, almost full-screen pop-up urging you to view content in their app instead of the website.

remove safari app pop up
For websites that come with an iOS app, it’s common practice to push users to open them (if they already have the app installed) or download their app from the App Store to view the content they’re trying to view. are. This can be very annoying for end-users, however, as these pop-ups are usually intrusive rather than the actual content, creating a subpar experience.

Thankfully, there’s a new way to block these pop-ups within Safari on the iPhone and iPad. Developer Alex Zamoshchin has created a new Safari extension called “Banish” (via) daring fireball) which can run on iOS and iPadOS and is specially designed to get rid of those pop-ups. The app, which costs $2, helps eliminate the majority of those pop-ups in popular web versions of apps, but it doesn’t get rid of the similar banners that pop up on top of Safari to recommend installing the current page. appears for. Application.

Banners on top of Safari are built into Safari and WebKit itself, so to get rid of them, you’ll need to uninstall the respective app from your device. Instead, Banish gets rid of the pop-ups implemented in the websites themselves.

To use banish, download it from app store And follow the on-screen instructions to give necessary permissions to the app in Settings, Safari and Extensions. You Banish. can learn more about Here,

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