New Apple Cash accounts now branded as Visa cards

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New Apple Cash accounts now branded as Visa cards
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Apple Cash appears to be switching the virtual debit card network from Discover to Visa, as shown in some of the updated images on Apple’s website and Twitter user @Kanjo . noted by,

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Since its launch, Apple Cash (originally known as Apple Pay Cash) has been operated on the Discover network through a partnership with Green Dot Bank. Discover is one of the smaller card networks and is accepted at far fewer locations than the heavyweights Visa and MasterCard.

In recent days, many images of virtual Apple Cash cards on Apple’s website have been replaced for new ones displaying the Visa Debit logo, and the transition to a more widely accepted network is underway.

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It’s unclear whether Apple will be switching existing Discover-based Apple Cash accounts to the Visa network anytime soon, but in our tests it appears that new Apple Cash accounts are now being created with Visa.

If you currently have a Discover Apple Cash account, disabling Apple Cash in your device settings and then reactivating it will generate a new Apple Cash device account number on the Visa network.

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Apple Card Unlike a credit card, Apple Cash is similar to a debit card (though without a physical card) and allows users to easily send and receive money through ‌Apple Pay‌ and the Messages app. Users can keep funds stored in Apple Cash for easy access, link them to a bank account or other debit card to withdraw money, or use the funds to pay Apple Card balances. Apple Card Cash Back income is also paid out in the form of Apple Cash.

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