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National Court confirms that a former EH Bildoo candidate has a pending disqualification penalty Municipal elections 28M

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The leader of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, during an electoral act held last Monday.
The leader of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, during an electoral act held last Monday.H Bilbao (Europa Press)

The Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court has announced this Thursday that one of the ETA members who made up the electoral list, EH Bildu, has pending a sentence of complete disqualification from public office. This is Sara Mazarenas, who is running for the 28-m municipal elections in Astigaraga (Gipuzkoa) as the 10th number of the coalition abertzale, and who was sentenced by the National Court in 2007 for joining a terrorist organization, illegal possession of weapons and falsification of an official document. The Public Ministry has elaborated that the court has informed it about this circumstance in the last few hours and it has already brought it to the notice of the Zone Electoral Board.

The appearance of 44 convicted of terrorism on the EH Bildu list – according to the association of the victims of Kovide, which specified that seven of them have been sentenced for blood crimes – marked the first week of the campaign. Dignity and Justice, another victims’ group, took the matter to the prosecutor’s office, which then declined to take action against the candidates because, after reviewing their criminal records, it found “no circumstances” that could incriminate them. Used to stop going to the elections.

However, through a statement, the Public Ministry has clarified that this Thursday it has received a letter from the Criminal Chamber of the Court, detailing that Mazarenas has a clear sentence of absolute disqualification. As the EFE agency added, the court has also informed the ETA member this morning that his disqualification sentence expires in 2028.

Dignity and Justice have attacked the public allegation: “The prosecutor’s office has not done its job. They did not dedicate a single day to analyze the complaint that we presented to them along with ETA members who were part of the EH Bildu list for the elections to be held on May 28”, said Daniel, the chairman of this group and deputy of the PP. Portero criticized the House of Madrid. As announced by the association, this Wednesday afternoon they presented complaints to the Electoral Board and the Court to report that “at least one ETA member, Sara Mazarenas, is still ineligible and, therefore, can no longer vote with an explicit prohibition.” justice to appear in the election too”.

The prosecutor’s office has defended that, as of this Thursday, it had not received information from the court. Furthermore, it has added that the existence of a pending disqualification sentence “is not a criminal offense” and therefore, it maintains its decision not to launch an investigation into the EH Bildu lists – as opened by Dignity and Justice. It has been requested to try it this way. how to break alliance abertzale, “It is the responsibility of the respective electoral boards to control the legitimacy of the candidates presented by political parties, associations, alliances and groups that intend to contest elections,” the Ministry of Public Affairs said this Thursday.

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Mazarenas was arrested in 2005 and sentenced to 13 years and 10 months in prison. lift command from ETA; According to Dignidad y Justicia, as well as absolute disqualification for a term of 10 years from the term of the sentence imposed. In 2019, a former accomplice of the terrorist was sentenced to 28 years in prison for stabbing his daughter in Benifio (Valencia) in January 2017 while the woman and the minor were on leave at the Valencian prison of Picacent.

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