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Natasha Lyonne is many things. She has been an indie darling, having starred in huge teen comedy blockbusters and even LGBTQ classics. At one point it even felt like his career (and possibly his life) was over. Leon went missing in 2005, only to find himself on the verge of death, suffering from heroin addiction, hepatitis and a collapsing lung.

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While many assumed that Leon would fall by the wayside, in fact, her career only took off strongly after her recovery. Now, Leon is a true Hollywood powerhouse who can easily play the main or supporting character, drama or comedy, film or television.

Updated by Colin McCormick on April 23, 2022: Natasha Lyonne reprises one of her most acclaimed roles with the return of Russian Doll for its second season on Netflix. Leone’s performance as Nadia is one of the highlights of the quirky series and marks another milestone in the actor’s illustrious career. According to critics of Rotten Tomatoes, fans can now watch more of Natasha Lyonne’s best movies, as well as streaming services where fans can watch them.

fifteen A useless and stupid gesture (2018) – 67%

The Cast of A Foolish and Foolish Gesture with Will Forte.

In another Netflix project, Leon was part of the imaginative story of the creation of comedy giant National Lampoon and how it became a cultural phenomenon in the 1970s and 1980s, thanks to the brilliant and troubled mind behind it.

Will Forte and Domhnall Gleason Lead a stupid and stupid gesture As the magazine’s producer and the film is replete with appearances by eminent personalities in the field at the time, from Bill Murray to John Belushi. Lyons had a supporting role as comedy writer Anne Beets.

14 Gray Zone (2001) – 69%

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Although Leon is known for his more comedic roles, he has also starred in some intense projects such as gray area, Directed by actor Tim Blake Nelson, the film follows a group of Jewish men in Auschwitz during World War II who find themselves in a dire moral dilemma and seeking redemption. Leon plays one of the camp prisoners.

It is not easy to watch a sad story, as is the case with any story depicting the horrors of the Holocaust. However, it’s a compelling story that stars some incredible actors, including Steve Buscemi and Harvey Keitel.

13 Everybody Says I Love You (1996) – 78%

Natasha Lyonne and Woody Allen speaking in Everybody Says I Love You

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Leon was part of another impressive ensemble cast in one of Woody Allen’s unseen comedies. everyone says i love you Explores various love stories centered around a family with a musical twist. Leon plays the daughter of Alan’s character who tries to set him up with a new woman (Julia Roberts).

There is a fun mix of comedy and relationship drama that is seen in most of Allen’s films. It also has a huge roster of A-list talent, from Edward Norton to Natalie Portman to Drew Barrymore.

12 Intervention (2016) – 78%

Natasha Lyonne and Clée Duvall in bed together at The Intervention

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Leon joined the charming comedy ensemble. Interference Which was written and directed by co-star Clay Duvall. The film follows a group of friends who get together for a weekend getaway with the intention of intervening for the unstable marriage of two friends.

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The film is a fun twist on the typical reunion film with that fun premise that gives it a special spark. But it’s the really great actors who help bring the film to life with talents like Ben Schwartz, Cobie Smulders and Alia Shawkat.

eleven Brown America (2004) – 80%

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brown america Centered on the life of Ricky Brown, a talented young football player who moves to New York City to live with his former mentor. While in town, Ricky learns that life on the East Coast is very different from his home in Texas. Ricky also meets two women he must choose: Rosie, a French seductress, and Vera, a free-spirited waitress (Natasha Lyonne).

Critics considered the film a good sports drama while tackling the larger issues. Leone and the rest of the cast were also praised for bringing the story to life.

10 GBF (2013) – 80%

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GBF (Gay Best Friend) Closed follows high school student Tanner Daniels. After he’s reported, three of the most popular girls in the school fight him, because being a GBF is now the coolest and most fashionable thing in their school.

The film is an LGBTQ+ spin on the classic teen comedy and features an all-star cast that includes several Hollywood professionals who play school teachers, including Natasha Lyonne, Rebecca Gayhart, Megan Mullally and Horatio Sainz.

9 Beverly Hills Slum (1998) – 81%

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nineteen ninety eight Beverly Hills Slum It was one of Natasha Lyonne’s first leading roles, and it proved that she was destined to become one of Hollywood’s biggest talents. The film centers on their family, led by their single father, as they move into various crappy apartments in the cheap, lesser-known neighborhood of Beverly Hills so the kids can attend fancy public schools.

While Leone was brilliant in the film, comedy legend Jessica Walter stole the show as the new girlfriend of Leone’s father.

8 Hi, my name is Doris (2016) – 85%

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Acting legend Sally Field returns from a hiatus to play Doris, a ’60s woman grieving the loss of her mother. However, after purchasing a series of self-help tapes and chatting with her younger coworkers (like Natasha Lyonne), Doris feels empowered to pursue the young men she’s always wanted.

The film is a hilarious romp, as well as a masterful display of Field’s talent in a very engaging role. This is a rare coming-of-age story for older audiences.

7 The Immaculate Conception of Little Diesel (2009) – 89%

After losing her job as an IT professional, Dory is forced to work as a janitor for a product research company. One day, Dori starts getting cookies in the office. Once he starts eating them, he can’t stop. Soon, he and his colleagues learn that they are being used as living incubators for a new life form that grows inside them… and feeds on cookies.

Given the silly premise, it should be no surprise that critics didn’t get much of the essence in Little Diesel’s Immaculate Conception, However, many acknowledged that it was a solid choice for viewers looking for a quick laugh.

6 Orange is the New Black (2013-2019) – 90%

Based on Piper Kerman’s memoir of the same name, orange is the new black Follows the life of white-collar criminal Piper as she enters a women’s prison. The series featured many famous faces including Jason Biggs, Laura Prepon and Taryn Manning. It also launched the careers of actresses like Laverne Cox.

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But one of the most beloved characters on the show was Leon’s Nikki Nichols, a drug addict from a privileged but dysfunctional family. In fact, the scars on the character’s chest are real, ever since Leone had to undergo heart surgery due to addiction-related ailments.

5 Portlandia (2011-2018) – 94%

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Hipster’s favorite sketch comedy show, portland, had several famous guest stars, but some, such as Natasha Lyonne and Jeff Goldblum, were frequent crowd-pleasers and had numerous appearances on the show. Leon was also dating portland Fred Armen, that probably helped.

Her most notable skits include one in which she and Carrie Brownstein go to a concert and one in which Leone plays a mother looking for a new doll, “Jermy,” for her daughter.

4 Honey Boy (2019) – 95%

honey Boy It is believed to be a loose retelling of Shia LeBeouf’s past. It follows a child actor and his relationship with his father (played by Shia LeBeouf). Leone plays Honey Boy’s mother in the heart-wrenching film, in which Honey Boy experiences abuse, drugs and alcohol.

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Although it has been widely praised, there are many questions as to whether the film is true to real life or whether LeBeouf was telling his story in a more exaggerated and self-empathetic way.

3 John Mulaney and the Luncheon Gang (2019) – 96%

John Mulaney is responsible for some of the most acclaimed stand-up comedy specials of all time. But they’ve taken a new approach to making people laugh with their Netflix special, which parodies retro kids’ variety shows like captain kangaroo You barney and friends,

The show was praised for its hysterical parody, which was loved by all the kids. The special was packed with celebrity guest skits like David Byrne, Richard Kind, Natasha Lyonne and more. It was recently discovered that mixed lunch Has been renewed and will be back for more episodes this time on Comedy Central.

Two Russian Doll (2019) – 97%

natasha leone russian doll

After years of playing supporting roles in a variety of projects, Leon returned to the lead role in one of the biggest shows ever. russian doll Leon starred as Nadia, an eccentric but hilarious woman who suddenly finds herself caught in a time loop where she keeps dying.

The show is never afraid to be funny and is full of colorful characters. But it’s actually an excellent performance for Leon as she dives deeper into this strange and never-ending mystery.

One Big Mouth (2017-) 99%

russian doll Leone’s not the only Netflix series, as she’s also part of an amazing cast of outrageous animated comedies big mouth, The series explores the lives of a group of boys going through puberty and all the strange complications that come with it.

Leone voiced a talking pillow in the series and even had a cameo as Nadia. russian doll In one episode. The show is full of vulgar but clever humor, as well as exploring various suggestive aspects of young people’s lives that many other shows don’t address.

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