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Alex Marquez is the younger brother of Marc Marquez. But he is also the guy who sleeps in the next room – he was in Cervera, Lleida, and even now that they have both moved to Madrid – his training and travel companion, the friend with whom he stung. play or doing MotoCross, He is your confidant. who had seen him fall and re-injure him last November, when he suffered a head injury that left him with double vision again ten years later. The one who was sitting next to him on the plane back from Indonesia three weeks ago when the pilot of Repsol Honda noticed that his vision was failing him again.

Diplopia, due to the influence of the superior oblique nerve of the right eye, was reproducible. And Marquez drowned. He explained himself this Thursday at the Las Americas circuit, where the fourth Grand Prix of the season is being held this weekend. And where has he returned? A little confident. And with some disappointment. The same he dragged on in the winter of 2020, when he saw no improvement in the humerus fracture that left him standing for nine months. Marquez, who had doctors’ approval to compete a week ago in Argentina, though he dropped it – “I was about to return, but I didn’t have the motivation to take that risk, and I didn’t want to take it. ,” he said – returns because I thought I had to.

“Many times you come for fun or because you really want to. But right now, after the fall I was in Indonesia, have no desire. it is so. Not everything is always a matter of desire and passion. Now I don’t feel like it, but I know I have to get on track, rediscover those sensations and regain that confidence”, he admitted to DAZN microphone this Thursday.

A day later, he surprised with his conviction, tenacity and aggressive style during the first free practice session. “Two weeks ago I didn’t even have the motivation to train; I didn’t want to come here. But the people around me, my brother, helped me a lot to get back in the gym”, he explained. Three years younger Marquez’s recent experience and maturity has taught him to deal with the 93 and his injuries, which have left him bitter over the past two seasons. In these weeks, Mark, an optimist by nature, always smiling, lost his smile. And he didn’t even get to pose it back on Instagram, as he himself admitted in his last post—serious face, apparently healthy eye—: “I don’t feel like smiling today, but we’ll find it again.” a way to do it”. In those days he also used to comment that his brother does not like hair. “Don’t say that, you’re Mark and you’re gonna get out of this”, encouraged him.

“Mark should have no desire to go through the whole process again,” says Pep Font, a psychologist at CAR Sant Cugat, who adds: “He should have little desire to see how he is, to make progress.” To see how far he goes. And finally consider what commitment you make that weekend, what risks you can take. After all that he has gone through over the years, he must have been very tired of living the whole process. Now all you have to do is apply yourself professionally. He knows how to work it. It would be better to do it willingly, but if you don’t have it, you should act accordingly. And what he did. He went all out for FP1 and set up the fastest lap in a flash. In the afternoon, wearing sunglasses inside the box to take maximum care of his vision, he finished with the sixth brightest time of the day. supported the stage. Austin is the circuit where she won her first MotoGP race at the age of 20. He has won seven of the eight Grands Prix played there.

“The most important thing is that I try to enjoy the weekend. And a little forget where the result is. If you enjoy, you will win again. This is Austin and here she is sheriff”, Alex Marquez inspired him in statements to the press. “If I am here it is because the passion of running conquers misery. I’m here to run, not to think if I might fall,” Mark had said on Thursday. and is in them.

“After three head injuries, he has a vein which is slightly damaged. Every time you hit the head hard, that nerve is affected. And it takes time to recover. This is because now every time you experience trauma you fear that you will not be able to recover from that double vision problem. It is a danger that exists,” says a neurologist familiar with the matter. The three occasions in which the sprinter has suffered diplopia – already requiring five months and surgery to recover – never gave him a guarantee that the injury was easily palpable. The risk is higher. Marquez knows. And he tries to keep up with it by riding a motorcycle that reaches 346 km/h in Austin.

A separate issue will be with Honda to heal sensations that this year has undergone a radical change and which forces it to ride in a different way since its first win in Texas that year.

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