Miami Masters 2022: Carlos Alcaraz beats Rudd and conquers Miami

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Miami Masters 2022: Carlos Alcaraz beats Rudd and conquers Miami Listen to this article

The definitive hatching, which was predicted, was skeptical and the intuition was that it would come true sooner rather than later, with this occurring on April 3, 2022, the saving date for tennis because of the way that the milestone was predicted. This can mark a turning point in racket play. The blow to history takes place at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, which in its time was considered fifth grand slam, On the other side of the net is Kasper Rudd, a Norwegian who fights, stirs, bows at the end (7-5 ​​and 6-4, after 1h m52) and applauds the coronation; And wearing teeth, raising his arms and squeezing his coach, already becoming the youngest champion of the tournament and the first male Spanish representative to win on that cement, Carlos Alcaraz shouts from the rooftops: Indeed, The revolution has come here.

Tennis senses that it is facing a certain turning point in the story. Not because of what might happen in the future, which you never know, nor because of the fact that Mercian, 18 years and 333 days old, surpassed the pace of Novak Djokovic, the youngest ever champion in Miami , at the age of 19. and 314 days in the 2007 version; Not even because the boy from El Palmar has achieved what had previously been denied success five times to Sergi Bruguera, Carlos Moyu, David Ferrer or even Rafael Nadal himself, nor Because he is already the third-earliest winner of the Masters 1000. , behind only Michael Chang (18 years and 157 days in Montreal 1990) and Manacor Giant (18 and 10 in Monte Carlo 2005); Not because it’s already on the verge of top 10 -title puts him in eleventh place Category– nor because at his age he has already raised three trophies in the elite class (Umag and Rio de Janeiro).

Alcaraz is a test for established order, a blow to the table and a warning to the sailors: with the fall of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic in medical limbo, Nadal has lost his physique and most of the young people without taking a real step forward, He bangs on the door with more than just force. This is the intergenerational hinge. It had been a long time since we saw such an early, meteoric and powerful development, which was reflected in the spectacular track in recent months and the past week and a half in Miami. Surprised by Juan Carlos Ferrero – he took off on Saturday, having been absent in the past due to the death of his father – Mercian tied for the final, demanded and worked. Close Your Way: Volley over the net as a signature.

Rudd began with the obvious idea of ​​quickly cutting the opponent’s wings, on a fixed gear, as with everything, so that Alcaraz would not grow up and take off. Otherwise, Spanish becomes a torment. Nordic armed his hand, took a step forward and hit a forehand and backhand, indicating that his strides and results were not the result of coincidence. Because his point is not accidental, but reason: good raw materials, lots of picks and silent sticks and above all, well embodied for practical purposes during these final months in which his tennis is gaining prominence (especially on the fast court) and has taken him to the great area of ​​the circuit.

In the blink of an eye, certainly in an unexpected takeoff of the game, the Norwegian opened the margin (3-0) and adapted better to the tension of the duel between the first-timers. Meanwhile, Alkaraz was having a hard time unlocking himself. Despite the two’s inexperience in this type of final, Mercian was marked as the great favorite and in the opening round, the situation weighed on him. He hit three straight right hands in the net, which was rare, and lost the serve. Of course, when he activated the engine and freed himself a bit, everything changed. Rudd denied him some options BreakingBut on the third attempt, in the seventh game, he hit and balanced immediately.

Demonstrating maturity, a necessary response to change himself, take a run and print the tone that interests him the most. By then, Rudd was out of adjustment. He didn’t lose his place, but he lost accuracy, and with the answer came a cold sweat. He also committed the sin of innocence. Previously he relied on a balloon that entered it; Then he did not run to the long ball, thinking that he was going long; And then, a repeat offender, he was again stunned in another ball that, if he had started, he would have reached. Too much confidence or a misinterpretation. In the reverse sense, Alcarz gave an arrear and was ending the meeting little by little.

His acceleration gave him the brakes and immediately sealed the first set, and in continuation he made another DiMarje with whom he opened a gap. The crowd came up 3-0, worried; He is 18 years old and he is very hungry. So much so that it crashes several times. “Calm down, calm down”, he demanded of her. Box, And from that 3-0 to 3-2. Rudd managed to close the gap and recover emotionally. The Scandinavians prosecuted with pride, treating physical problems. all attitude. However, the day was reserved for his opponent. marked in red. It wasn’t the most obvious or most spectacular, but it was fitting for Alcaraz to celebrate his first Masters 1000, enter the history books, and declare his rebellion: yes, the revolution is already here.

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