Mexican accused of adultery in Qatar, released from jail and 100 lashes

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Mexican accused of adultery in Qatar, released from jail and 100 lashes
Mexican accused of adultery in Qatar, released from jail and 100 lashes Listen to this article

Paola Schietekat during an interview with EL PAÍS last February.
Paola Schietekat during an interview with EL PAÍS last February.alexander erregin

28-year-old Mexican Paola Schietekat Sedas, who was accused by a Qatari court of having an “extramarital affair” with a man who attacked her while she slept, has escaped a sentence of seven years in prison and 100 lashes. This has been informed by the Ministry of External Affairs, which was in charge of his case. The judge has taken into account the arguments of the defense and the young woman will be able to escape the punishment that the Qatari legal authorities had planned for her.

Shiitekat Sedas arrived in Qatar in 2020 to work as a behavioral economist at the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, the Qatari government body dedicated to organizing the World Cup. On June 6, 2021, a man broke into her apartment in Doha while she was sleeping and assaulted her. The woman decided to report the case so that the punishment she suffered for a similar assault at the age of 16 would not be repeated, but everything turned against her: the attacker was released and was allowed to be one. Was sentenced to an exemplary sentence. extramarital affairs”. That’s how they understood it in that country, because the person said they were dating. Women who suffer such attacks are prosecuted for adultery.

On 25 July, Schietekat Sedas managed to leave the country and reach Mexico. Then he said, “I had never breathed a greater sigh of relief than having my passport stamped.” And he denounced the meager consular support he had. “How will that same embassy serve the thousands of Mexican men and women who attend the World Cup, where relationships outside marriage or homosexuality are punished?” He announced.

In an interview with this newspaper published on 22 February, he stressed the need for the diplomatic corps to “prepare with a gender perspective”. “A diplomat can be extraordinarily cultured, they can be extremely competent and at the same time extremely extroverted or anti-feminist or anti-feminist, and these are things that need to be addressed.”

In Mexico, he was also able to meet with Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard and then expressed his confidence in the resolution of his case. He also measured words about Qatar’s Islamic society, which was looking for solutions rather than abhorrent behaviour. “There are Muslims in every country in the world, and this is a wide range of customs and traditions.”

When asked if she would return to Qatar, she did not rule it out because of her love for the country. Skitekat Sedas also expressed the need for a permanent struggle with the authorities to put an end to the oppression of women, which occurs in all parts of the world. In Mexico, her country, an average of 10 women per day are victims of sexual violence.

Qatari laws are applicable in this case not only to national or Muslim laws. In 2016, a tourist from the Netherlands was sentenced to one year in prison and fined $845 after being raped. His country’s authorities reduced that sentence to three months in prison.

“SREetekat Sedas also eventually got help from the Mexican Foreign Ministry,” Ebrard wrote in a tweet: “SRE’s legal advisor, our best lawyer, will be in charge of defending her and ensuring all her rights as a Mexican citizen are respected ” After meeting the girl on 18 February.

Now she has managed to close the case and emerge unscathed from justice reviving women who not only serve prison sentences despite being victims, but humiliated by medieval punishment such as flogging.

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