Meta sued for tracking iPhone users despite Apple’s privacy features

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Meta sued for tracking iPhone users despite Apple's privacy features
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Meta is facing a newly proposed class action lawsuit that accuses Apple of tracking and collecting personal data of iPhone users despite features and policies designed to prevent the same type of tracking. .

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In August, it was revealed that along with the Facebook and Instagram apps, Meta can track all of a user’s key taps, keyboard input, and more while using the in-app browser. When a user clicks on a link on Instagram, for example, Meta can monitor their interactions, text selection and even text input, such as passwords and personal credit card details within that website.

This practice of tracking users is a direct violation of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy, which requires the user’s consent before apps can be tracked on apps and websites owned by other companies.

Filed Wednesday in San Francisco federal court, a new lawsuit accuses Meta of this infringement, as reported bloomberg law, The proposed class action lawsuit accuses Meta of violating Apple’s ATT framework and state and federal laws by collecting user data without user consent within its Facebook and Instagram apps.

In most apps on the iPhone, developers use Apple’s Safari to open links within their apps. However, Meta has developed a custom in-app browser for Instagram and Facebook based on Apple’s WebKit framework. Meta’s browser allows it to inject a tracking JavaScript code called a “meta pixel” into all links and websites shown.

The lawsuit accuses Meta of using in-app browsers on Facebook and Instagram to circumvent rules enforced by Apple to prevent unwanted tracking of users. The lawsuit states, “This allows Meta to intercept, monitor, and record its users’ interactions and communications with third parties, providing Meta with data that it collects, analyzes and analyzes to promote its advertising revenue.” and uses.” bloomberg law,

Since its launch in June 2021, Meta has been a vocal opponent of Apple’s ATT policy, claiming it would harm small businesses that rely on personalized ads.

Meta claimed in a full-page newspaper ad that Apple was hurting small businesses’ ability to grow, because if users opted-out of tracking, they would be less likely to see personalized and recommended ads. Is. Apple’s ATT framework has had an impact on Meta’s business as it is expected to lose $10 billion in revenue this year alone.

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