Meta plans to take around 50% commission from purchases made within ‘Metaverse’ despite complaints of 30% cut in Apple’s App Store

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Meta plans to take around 50% commission from purchases made within 'Metaverse' despite complaints of 30% cut in Apple's App Store
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Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is planning to charge a commission of around 50% on digital asset purchases made within the “Metaverse,” the company said, with a maximum 30% cut in what Apple charges for purchases through the app. disclosed months after complaining of shop.

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This week, declared target In a new way it allows creators to monetize and make money from the “metaverse”. One way to allow this is by allowing creators to sell NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, through their Horizon World platform. In the post, Meta declined to specify how much deductible would be required for those purchases, but a Company spokesperson said CNBC There will be a 47.5% commission, which includes a 30% hardware fee and a 17.5% platform fee:

A spokesperson for Meta confirmed to CNBC on Wednesday that Meta will receive a total cut of up to 47.5% on each transaction. This includes a 30% “hardware platform fee” for sales made through the Meta Quest store, where you sell apps and games for your VR headset. On top of that, Horizon Worlds will charge a 17.5% fee.

Vivek Sharma, Vice President, Meta Horizons said Edge That commission of around 50% is “a very competitive rate in the market”, adding that “we believe other platforms will be able to get their share”.

Ironically, Meta itself, including the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has spoken out about a 15% to 30% cut in Apple’s App Store. Zuckerberg in June wrote on facebook That Meta will keep paid online events, subscriptions, badges, and other products free for creators until 2023, and after that, Meta will announce a commission that is “less than 30% of what Apple and others charge.”

in another post A few months later, taking a jibe at Apple’s policy, Zuckerberg said that cutting off the App Store hinders “an opportunity for creators to make money from their work.” Facebook has a long history of calling Apple’s App Store and its 15% to 30% commissions “monopolistic” and harmful to customers, adding that the platform “blocks innovation.” [and] Block Competition. Apple and Meta had a public spat in 2020 in which the Cupertino tech giant rejected a Facebook app update, highlighting the App Store 30% fee.

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