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Memphis Smith recently posted a comparison photo on Instagram to show off her post-pregnancy weight loss. 90 day fiancé Viewers 34-year-old Michigan resident makes his debut All in 90 days: Before 90 days With his partner Hamza Mokny in Season 5 December 2021. Despite the fact that the couple had a language barrier and cultural differences, they decided to get married two weeks after meeting. Soon, Memphis learned that she was pregnant with Hamza’s child. She was unable to spend much time with her new husband and had to return to the United States.

In October 2021, the couple welcomed their first daughter. During All in 90 days: Before 90 days Season 5 Tell-All, Hamza revealed that his US visa had been approved and that he arrived in the United States in November. She met her child a month after his birth. Although Memphis and Hamza seemed to have one of the most functional relationships during the tell-all, their marriage is far from perfect. A few weeks ago, Memphis accused Hamza of abusing and kicked him out of the house. Apparently, the 26-year-old reality star is now living in Chicago with her Tunisian friend.

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While Memphis’ marriage to Hamza is in crisis, she is focused on sharing the positive news with her Instagram followers. She recently posted a before and after photo comparison to show how much weight she gained and lost during her third pregnancy. memphis Revealed that she weighed 160 pounds when she gave birth to her daughter. He started his fitness journey when he weighed 120 pounds and now weighs 113 pounds. Memphis didn’t reveal how she lost the baby weight so quickly, but she did mention: “Every woman and every man has different circumstances that make losing weight easy or difficult! My height is also 4’9″ or so!,

90 day fiancé The star expressed that losing weight is not a race but a commitment to stay healthy. After looking at Memphis’ postpartum before and after photos, it’s clear she was able to bounce back quickly after her pregnancy. She may have been receiving a lot of backlash on social media for leaving the tell-all prematurely, but her latest Instagram post garnered many likes from fans. Memphis disabled comments on its post, but received two positive messages. One fan commented: “Good pregnancy.” Another fan called out, “It is great to point out that we are all different.,

Memphis Weight Loss Journey is inspiring for those who want to lose weight. Growing from a homeless child to a successful medical professional and becoming a mother requires a lot of discipline and dedication. The Michigan-based nurse practitioner may not be one of the most beloved cast members in the Memphis franchise, but she certainly is honored to have changed her life for the better. looks like new 90 day fiancé The star’s stubborn personality helped her lose all her weight in six months.

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