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Mark Fortiana, bodyguard of ‘Moso’ and ‘VIP’ on leave, sentenced to five years in prison

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Mark Fortiana in an image from his corporate website
Mark Fortiana in an image from his corporate website

The Barcelona court has sentenced Marc Fortiana, a moso On leave of absence, is known to be the owner of the security company Double Group, which specialized in the protection of personalities such as soccer player Leo Messi. Fortiana was sentenced along with five other police officers for torturing and beating two youths in 2016, when he was still part of the Moss d’Esquadra. The court considers it proved that Fortiana, together with other moso, launched “completely gratuitous and unwarranted aggression, threats and humiliation” against the two victims, who were subsequently supported by the rest of the defendants. Other Mosso They are sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison, and disqualified from all of them for four years, which means expulsion from the force. Fortiana was arrested earlier in 2021 along with three other police officers in a black case involving Fortiana’s private businesses, accusing them of robbery, bribery and divulging secrets under the protection of an alleged businessman .

Fortiana took leave from Mossos in 2017. The episode for which he was condemned by the Barcelona Court took place a year earlier, on the night of April 23, 2016, in Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona). Fortiana, along with five others Mosso Another (one of them a Sergeant) of the ARRO stopped a Citroën Xsara in which two youths aged 20 and 22 were traveling at one in the morning. Far from stopping, the two children, who had consumed ganja and smoked, started running at a speed of 65 kmph until they hit a stone. The sentence relates that the escape nearly ran over a policeman, evoking the anger of those now convicted. This was reflected in communications through the stations, where “tourists expressed disdain and expressed indifference with regard to the physical condition following the collision,” according to the ruling. “All are well, fellows. Others are as good as me”, he radiated. An attitude that is far from interference according to the court, “completely contained, measured and calm, without change or trace of anger” as described by the defendants.

Fortiana was behind the wheel of the van that began the getaway car chase. he, with the other Moso, As per rule, after they exited the vehicle, they were the first to kill the two youths. The rest were added “with some pleasure”. “Young people said many times that it looked like the agents were enjoying themselves, they laughed and made fun of them,” explains the sentence, which gives them credibility for their solid and consistent discourse through all these years by the medical reports. provides. , because they condemned the same day that happened and because of the contradictions of the defendants. The attack, the verdict says, was a “combined, consistent and cohesive action” with the intention of “humiliating, assaulting and terrorizing young people”.

The respondents in their statement denied that they had beaten up the youths and assured that the injuries were due to an accident caused by them. In the lengthy judgment, the court points to a contradiction, that they did not offer him medical aid earlier and did not notify an ambulance, and that they in turn believe that the accident was serious. He also insisted that medical experts show that all of the injuries could not have been caused by the accident, and that instead they fit the story of the two young people. One of them suffered ocular fiber nerve loss. Among other details, the ruling ensures that “they hit with one of the tourist’s seat belts” that they cut. He also explains that he started from the vehicle and threw the loudspeaker sound system on the ground to scare them.

Court imposes lesser punishment for delay in trial. And it also imposes monetary compensation on the two youths who suffered physical as well as mental damage. all in, Mosso He must compensate each of them with 20,000 euros for moral damages. One young man will have to pay more than 10,700 Euros for the results and another almost 40,000 Euros. The sentence is not final and can be appealed. If they don’t pay then the generalitat subsidiary is responsible.

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