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Manueco’s combing for a PSOE MP in the Cortes turns politics in Castilla y León

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The president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Manueco, in alliance with Vox, has been accused of combing socialist lawyer Rosa Rubio during a parliamentary plenary session on Wednesday morning. A photo published by Efe agency shows the leader of the regional PP with his back to the MP, adjusting his tie, while keeping the middle or middle finger of his right hand straight, which is used as a well-known sign of contempt. is seen as , The PP team does not deny that the rude gesture was present, but characterized it as a “natural gesture” and denied that it was a lack of respect for the socialist representative. The networks are full of videos of Manueco in action in slow motion, leaving little room for doubt.

The dispute took place in the Wednesday morning session. Rosa Rubio was on stage at a rescue aid for people with celiac disease when the president, who was speaking with Agriculture Minister Gerardo Dueñas, prepared to leave the room. It is common for Manueco to attend a partially plenary session on Tuesdays and not always on Wednesdays. “I think the president of the Junta de Castilla y León would care to listen to the problems of celiacs,” the lawmaker quipped when he noticed Vox partner Manueco had his back turned and was talking with Dueñas.

Then there is some applause from the socialist ranks and Manuco PP passes to the front of the bench. At the time, Mañueco was photographed making a controversial movement with his right hand, turning his back on the PSOE spokeswoman; A envisioned Combs that only Conservative MPs could see. Already on Wednesday night, the communication team of the regional president denied that there was any intention in this gesture and denied that it was a comb, but a simple casual gesture and without any bad intentions.

Organization secretary of the regional PSOE and second vice president of the parliament, Ana Sanchez, published the photo on her Twitter at 9:45 pm with the following message: “Manueco and the maximum fall. Making an explicit comb over Rosa Rubio’s ugly exit from the chamber while she defends celiac rights? A mixture of arrogance and extraordinary rudeness. Castilla y León is too big for that. Shame on others, sir!” Other socialist representatives have criticized the lack of respect for the chairman of the board, who has not yet ruled.

The socialist attorney explains to EL PAIS that when she was told about the alleged comb, she had to see the image several times in order to give it credit. Given Manueco’s “lack of respect” for citizens and the celiac community, “the smile fades away when she sees the PP bench is a blatant gesture of arrogance and disrespect.” Rubio argues that the President’s actions when he draws his attention to the chamber in full presence on celiac disease and the difficulties it entails: “It is very serious that an entire President of Castilla y León is doing this. kind of contempt”. Rubio says he and Gallardo are doing “abusive politics.”

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