Madrid Fusion 2022: The best croquettes in Spain are eaten in Madrid

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Madrid Fusion 2022: The best croquettes in Spain are eaten in Madrid Listen to this article

After talks by well-known national chefs at Madrid Fusion, such as David Munozzo and Rodrigo de la Calle, and internationally, as Gaston Acurio (Astrid and Gaston) or rene redzepicThe chef at Noma—currently considered the best restaurant in the world—has two names of its own on the third and last day of the Gastronomic Congress. Miguel Carretero, from the restaurant OrangeIn the Salamanca district of Madrid, as the creator of the best croquettes in Spain, and Pedro Aguilera, named the revelation chef.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Madrid Fusion, held at the Ifema fair ground from Monday under the motto beyond productThis year, the competition in the hunt for the best Iberian ham croquettes in Spain has been more special than ever. Six out of the seven winners of the competition held so far have competed. After a blind tasting by a jury made up of chefs, gastronomic journalists and food experts that valued the taste, the integration of its ingredients, the amount of salt, its texture and appearance, Miguel Carretero, winner of the 2018 held contest, won again. has grown together. ,A croquet with a creamy texture, with a very creamy interior, delicate in batter, eaten in two bites and with the right proportion of ham”, described the jury.

“We have improved the croquet with which we won four years ago,” admitted Carretero. The chosen croquette “Champion of Champions” is made from cow’s milk, ham and coated with Panko (a type of Japanese breadcrumbs). “The secret is choosing good products, controlling the béchamel very much and technically treating it very well,” explained Carretero, who assures he will “never” remove it from the menu of his Madrid restaurant.

Croquettes have been available at the Santerra Bar since its opening in 2017, as well as on the menu of the gastronomic restaurant located on the ground floor of the space on General Pardiñas Street, at Santerra Neotaberna – a location run by Miguel Carretero – and at Distribution of the group

In addition, the chef was given the Croqueta d’Oro award. Ivan Sardinian, who also took part in the competition and placed two Michelin stars at his Cigaral del ngel restaurant in Toledo, “in recognition of the consistent time that his original recipe has inspired some of his last disciples to victories over the years.” “Croquette is a snack that represents tradition and home, I learned to make it with my mother, my aunt and my grandmother,” Cerdano told Efe, which requires the dish to have “a lot of ham flavor,” which he infects in milk.

Chef Pedro Aguilera from Maison Sabor Andaluz restaurant in Alcalá del Valle (Cádiz), with the Madrid Fucian Award for Revelation Chef.

Chef Pedro Aguilera from Maison Sabor Andaluz restaurant in Alcalá del Valle (Cádiz), with the Madrid Fucian Award for Revelation Chef. ef

In Madrid you can also try another award winning snack at Madrid Fusion and from the same gastronomic group. The best sandwiches in Spain await in the city, Ventressa mature. A breakfast prepared by Maximo Beneguez, from Neotavern Santara In Ponzano Street, Madrid. Its succulent creation: red tuna belly steak matured in fat and sandwiched between slices of beer bread, topped with piquillo pepper tartare, garlic, spicy pepper sauce, old mustard, smoked cheddar cheese, lamb lettuce and beer .

Aguilera, a recognized youth promise

A jury made up of more than 80 gastronomy experts also awarded Pedro Aguilera the 2022 Madrid Fusion Revelation Chef Award. The 33-year-old chef from Cadiz is in charge of the restaurant Andalusian Flavor Mason, In the Sierra de Cádiz, in the city of Alcalá del Valle. A rustic inn in which “modern, delicious and well-resolved cuisine” is prepared, and in which “it communicates with the local pantry, recreates in the botanical universe and interprets tradition with haute cuisine norms does”, he wrote about his gastronomic proposal Jose Carlos Capel, gastronomic critic Touristlast December.

Before returning to the family restaurant in 2020, Aguilera worked for four years as head chef with iconic chef Ricard Camarena (with two Michelin stars) in Valencia and also in the kitchen of Almanac, a restaurant in Cadiz.

Of the eight nominees, Elisabeth Nola, in second place, was the head chef of General, Girona, This is the restaurant that Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca opened in 2021 to “represent the heritage of matriarchal cuisine with all cultures”. Adrian San Julian has completed the podium. The jury highlighted his work, “At Eum Gastro (Aviles) he has consolidated a modern style based on his knowledge of traditional flavors and cuisine in which he has revealed a surprising elegance”.

takes the baton from Aguilera Juanjo Sahuquillo and Javier Sanjo, in front of Canitas Mitte in Albacete. A distinction that has been awarded since 2003 and has on past occasions recognized chefs who are now world-renowned, such as Dábez Muoz, Ricard Camarena or road of rodrigo, An award that “uncovers the courageous and youthful potential that many newly opened restaurants harbor and which are a window to the future of the profession,” according to the organization.

Winner Croquette Recipe

Component: 2.4 liters of double cream cow’s milk; 250 grams of butter; 250 g of loose flour; 0.3 liters of cream (33% mg); 10 sheets of gelatin; 350 g Joselito Iberian ham cut with a knife; 1 Iberian ham bone; Flour; egg, and Panko,


1. Melt the butter and add the flour in two batches, cook on low heat until the dough is completely cooked.

2. On the other hand, put the ham bones with the milk.

3. Add hot milk to it Red stream and stir continuously on low heat, until you have ketchup uninterrupted. Add chopped ham, stir for a minute and add salt.

4. Separately, heat the cream, add the gelatin that we have previously hydrated and melted. Sieve this mixture and add cream to the flour and mix until its temperature comes down.

5. Transfer to a tray and cover with plastic wrap to refrigerate overnight.

6. Make balls, add flour, eggs and Panko,

7. Fry in light olive oil at 190 degrees, let stand and serve.

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