‘Least Expected Day 3’ Turns Movistar Conflict Into Vuelta One Great Dramatic Tragedy

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‘Least Expected Day 3’ Turns Movistar Conflict Into Vuelta One Great Dramatic Tragedy
'Least Expected Day 3' Turns Movistar Conflict Into Vuelta One Great Dramatic Tragedy Listen to this article

Superman, at left, and Eusebio Anzue in the farewell scene for the Colombian team.
Superman, at left, and Eusebio Anzue in the farewell scene for the Colombian team.

“Movistar doesn’t know how to manage two leaders,” Superman complains, hurt, and perhaps the Boyaca cyclist is right, given his experience. With two or three leaders, Movistar hasn’t been able to win the Tour or the Vuelta, but, at least, it has managed to attract fans, not just cycling fans, with conflicts inevitably erupting between them. the original of his television series by turning it into a fantastic less thought day, Which, in its third season (four episodes, 160 minutes total, premiered on #Vamos on Monday), is closer than ever to a documentary without makeup or hints of fiction, minimal dramatic overacting, reality, And it doesn’t burn, before it ignites it,

Merit, of course, in addition to the script, goes to its two legendary protagonists, runners Superman López and Enrique Maas, who are brilliant antagonists brimming with emotion who would shake and hurt cyclists and non-cyclists alike. Huh.

“There have been many dark years of cycling, not counting what happened when cyclists got off their bikes,” says Rafael Fernández Alarcón, liaison between Telefónica and directs the cycling team Eusebio Anzu. and your thoughts documentation, which first aired on Netflix for two years and will surely air again on the same platform in a few months, has created a genre. Netflix is ​​trying to do something similar with Formula 1 and golf, and even the Tour de France and cycling with different teams to expand its lineup and attract younger fans and more An agreement has been made to capitalize the need. Beyond the general summary of the steps. “And our idea is just to show what it’s like 21 days on the road, how they suffer, how they live, how athletes win and lose… and tell it from the inside out, with cameras and microphones everywhere.” , and without team sports managers can’t comma change what they said or how they’re said.

And the morbidity gives way to sincere feelings by telling the clash of jealousy, fear, envy, fear, which breaks out in the Vuelta between Superman and Maas, two cyclists with the soul of a champion and the selfishness to match.

And those elements are so human, so universal, that with them all the tragedies that move and terrify since Sophocles cursed the gods like Superman, according to his nickname in Gamonitiru, is capable of feats that only flesh and Of blood they are the only ones he can dream of, the previously defeated, helpless child, when he senses Mass’s betrayal in sunny Galicia on his way to the finish line of the final stage of the Last Vuelta. This is how the series builds characters, and they are more than two pieces of flesh and muscle that give paddles attached to an earpiece that tells them what to do.

Two letters collide. But he’s cold, apparently oblivious, he runs away from shock, he enjoys it with a calm-keeping strategy that’s always Superman, passionate, hot, and blasts him. Adam Yates attacked and was followed by Haig, Roglick, Maas… Superman stayed behind, but chased as Haig removed him from a Vuelta podium where Rogick, the winner, and Maas, second, were already set up. They have been half-tour in the face of their directors’ confessed blindness, grumpy, disbelieving, irritable. Intrigued, Superman follows a backpack full of 20 more runners who sharpen their knives on their wheels, and he has 15s for the group and his podium when he sends his director from Mass through his earpiece. Hears shouts: “Don’t shoot, damn it! ,

the blood that rises to the head of the Colombian victory, the acclaimed hero of Boyacá; reason to lose Emotion is weak, it is human. Blinded by anger, Superman stops thinking. Desperate attempts from cars to get him to see the cause fail. Superman concludes, and later says, that Movistar doesn’t want him to be on the podium and that Maas is a selfish person with whom he doesn’t want to share a team again in his life. To do so, he sees only one way out, to withdraw immediately. He politely announces this to director Patsy Villa, who tries to persuade him to attack the last port and attach to his stage. Superman asks Villa to tell him how far Maas and Haig’s group are, and when the Navarrese director tells him three and a half minutes, he replies: “Okay, I’ll be here. It was a pleasure, gentlemen.” He speaks in a calm tone that doesn’t betray his emotional state to Superman: “They didn’t want it to be off when they played, but now, here I am.”

Enrique Mass on the team bus after the return of Superman.
Enrique Mass on the team bus after the return of Superman.

He gets off the bike. Boss tells Mass by car. “He left because of anger,” Eusebio Unzu tells him. True to his strategy and his personality – “I hear what interests me, but I erase it from my memory”, he confesses – always in a manner of fleeing shock, Mallorcan makes new ones when the radio It ends when Rekha attacks him. “Ah, Superman is retired. He didn’t know. What happened to it? fallen?”

a perfect play.

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