Latest War News, Live | Zelensky assures Ukraine has “severely struck” Russian forces this week

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Latest War News, Live |  Zelensky assures Ukraine has “severely struck” Russian forces this week
Latest War News, Live | Zelensky assures Ukraine has "severely struck" Russian forces this week Listen to this article

Latest War News, Live |  Zelensky assured that Ukraine had launched a

Zelensky: “Ukrainian forces inflicted heavy losses on the enemy causing significant losses”

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has launched a new speech in the early hours of this Friday: “During the past week, our heroic armed forces have inflicted heavy losses on the enemy causing significant damage.” And he continued: “I am grateful to my defenders who showed the invaders that the sea will not calm even if there is no storm. Because there will be fire. Like those Russian ships that sailed from the port on the famous route Berdysk. I want to warn all Ukrainian traitors who took the side of the enemy years ago in Crimea. You switched sides because you thought you’d be better off, right? Not because you think you want to repeat this sad fate of your allies who were killed on their ships or in Ukraine in other places on land and sea. Alright, stay alive. Stay away from our cities and our army.”

Zelensky also spoke of the casualties of Russian soldiers: “The number of Russian victims in this war has already exceeded 16,000. Among them are high-ranking officers and commanders. No information has been found of dead Russian generals, or colonels. Admiral. But the commander of one of the invading armies and the deputy commander of the Black Sea Fleet are among them. Armed forces continue to repel enemy attacks in the south of the country, in the Donbass, in the direction of Kharkiv and in. Kyiv region”.

The president has returned to refer to the peace talks: “By limiting Russia’s actions, our defenders are leading the Russian leader to a simple and logical idea: it is necessary to talk. It makes sense. It is necessary. it is reasonable. They are already 16,000 Russian soldiers died. Why? What was achieved and for whom? The conversation should make sense. Ukrainian sovereignty must be guaranteed. That is, conditions must be fair. Ukrainian people will not accept others. ,

The evacuation of civilians is also going on. “During the week we have managed to set up 18 humanitarian corridors. A total of 37,606 people were rescued from the blocked cities. In particular, 26,477 residents of Mariupol were evacuated through the humanitarian corridor to Zapoiria. The situation in the city remains sad. The Russian military does not allow any humanitarian aid to arrive in the city. They use Mariupol’s population only for propaganda. I will continue to inform the nations of other countries in great detail about this cynicism of the occupiers, about all Russia’s war crimes against civilians in our heroic Mariupol and other cities of Ukraine […] Everyone on the planet needs to know what Russia is doing. So that the responsibility for crimes against Ukraine is as serious as possible.

In this sense, he recalled: “This week alone, I have addressed the parliaments of Italy, Japan, France and Sweden. I have spoken before to leaders of the NATO summit, the G-7 and the European Union. Each of those speeches has attracted maximum attention in their countries and the world. Our position has been heard, and that is the goal of these speeches.” (Country)

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