Kris Jenner gives Blac Chyna a ‘second chance’ after alleged threat

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Kris Jenner gives Blac Chyna a ‘second chance’ after alleged threat
Kris Jenner gives Blac Chyna a 'second chance' after alleged threat Listen to this article

Kris Jenner takes a stand in Blac Chyna lawsuit kardashians stars and claimed that he had given her a “second chance” With Rob Kardashian after threatening Kylie Jenner. A lawyer forced Chris to speak about the claims he made during his earlier statement and about Chyna’s alleged threats against his youngest daughter. Chyna allegedly threatened to kill Kylie when the then-teenager was dating Tyga, the father of her child. But when Chyna began dating Rob a few years later, Chris tried to welcome her into the family.

Chyna’s complicated history with the Kardashian-Jenners has led to a court case in which secrets are revealed. Chyna goes after the famous family for money when their short-lived show is canceled. Rob and Chyna, She claims that the family conspired to remove the show and was blacklisted in 2017 following her bad breakup with Rob. However, the family denies Chyna’s allegations and is appearing in court to testify at the trial.

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The more shocking claims were detailed in court on Thursday when Chris took the stand. Chyna’s lawyer questions Chris if Chyna ever threatened Kylie, as reported tmz, Chris once told that Tyga and Kylie allegedly told him that Chyna said she wanted to kill Kylie for dating her ex-father. When asked why she would trust Chyna to date her son Rob after he allegedly threatened her daughter Kylie, Chris said: “I love second chances and I wanted them to win.” he said. ,I wanted my son to be happy.” He added. At first, Chris said he didn’t remember the claims, but Chyna’s lawyer cited an earlier statement she initially made the allegations.


Chris said he would have to ask Tyga or Kylie for the exact claims and apparently backtracked and said: “I probably thought it was just drama, which I am used to.Before the rapper moved on with Kylie, Chyna and Tyga welcomed their 9-year-old son, King Cairo. At the time Tyga started dating the then-teenager, there were rumors that Chyna was upset. Once Chyna began dating Rob a few years later, fans couldn’t stop talking about the irony of the two romances. After a year-long tumultuous relationship between Rob and Chyna, the OnlyFans model has sought revenge on the family. He has worked hard to take his case to trial so that he can have his day. in the court.

As the trial progresses, more shocking secrets are revealed about both sides. kardashian The stars are fighting Chyna’s claims, hoping they don’t have to pay her money. But if Chyna wins, she’ll gather for child support, something she says she doesn’t get from Rob or Tyga. Testing is just getting started and a lot has already been revealed. Chyna is ready to expose the worst in order to win her case.

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