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Judo teacher arrested for three sexual assaults on minors

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A judo teacher from Oviedo has been arrested by the National Police as the alleged perpetrator of two crimes of sexual assault on three minors between the ages of 15 and 16.

The investigation began after one of the minors reported to the Family and Women’s Unit of the National Police that she had been sexually touched by her judo teacher at the gym where the detainee worked. Subsequently, two other complaints were collected from minor girls and previous classmates, who also reported touching by the same teacher, who was arrested last Monday and made available to the Oviedo Guard Court. The victims requested protection and a restraining order for the alleged perpetrator.

The investigation remains open, as investigators do not rule out the existence of more episodes of sexual assaults committed by the defendant, who has no prior record and who has taught extracurricular judo classes in at least three public schools in the Principality of Asturias.

From the Federation of Associations of Mothers and Fathers of Asturias, President Gemma Valdés expressed her surprise at the fact that she was unaware: “I had no idea. Nobody told us anything. Sometimes there are disagreements or protests with monitors or organizers, but nothing in this case. This is something that cannot be accepted and it is very unpleasant.”

The High Headquarters of the National Police in Asturias recalls that since 2015 the Criminal Code states that persons convicted of the crime of sexual assault are disqualified from using professions related to minors in order to avoid direct contact with other minors Has been done

Convicts data is entered into the Sex Offenders Central Registry (RCDS), a non-public information system relating to the identity, genetic profile, penalties and safeguards of those convicted of any offense of a sexual nature. , In this regard, crimes of a sexual nature are considered to be related to sexual freedom and human trafficking for the purpose of compensation or sexual exploitation, including pornography, regardless of the age of the victim. Convictions made in Spain and other EU countries are included.


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