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Joventut put Badalona on its feet

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copa del rey – rooms – working day 1

youth change

youth change
baskonia bucket

baskonia bucket

La Peña lit up the Olympique and after a thrilling comeback win against Basconia, will play in their cup semi-final this Saturday against Tenerife (9:30 p.m., Movistar). Joventut was confident, supported by their guys in the stands and by Tomic (18 points and 5 rebounds) and Parra (15 and 4) on the track. One of the greats has fallen, a group with a large arsenal. Basketball still understands romance.

Joventut must have rowed beautifully. Giedraitis failed the Olympics in a tremendous start. The Lithuanian scored 11 of his team’s first 15 points with a very tight sight from the perimeter. Forward Enoch was included in the area to harass Tomic, who could not stop him in either hoop. Baskonia didn’t need Howard, dry in the first quarter, certainly limping from his back problems. Joan Peñaroya’s boys drilled all over the field (4-17). Joventut wanted to add fuel to the boiler, but in that rush he confused energy with haste and Vives charged two fouls. The black-green team was bidding on the environmental factor, and Baskonia didn’t fall short there either. Another game was played between the fans of Badalona and the passionate fans of Vitoria. The start of the night encouraged more chants outside. “Penya!” It wasn’t until the first triple, a gift from Pau Ribas. This lit a fuse which Parra inherited with another overseas breakthrough and a squeeze from Badalona to reach the edge alive first (14–19).

Joventut warmed not only hearts, but hands and feet. Without much suffering, Carles Durán’s group embarked and went head-to-head with favorites Baskonia (22-23) in a fast-paced duel. There was no stagnation in the Olympics. Some and other shirts attacked the trap with a knife between their teeth. Howard was absent, penalized with three fouls, with Basconia Mechanic replaced by another Tornado Darius Thompson. Ribas and Parra supported their team until Tomic woke up and the match resumed: 32–32. The break was reached with two missed free throws by Allenson and a triple by Costello when the alarm clock sounded (35-42). Hitting issue.

Joel Parra is one of those boys who has boosted his self-esteem and his performance after winning gold in the last EuroBasket. Like Dario Brizuela, Alberto Diaz and Jaime Fernandez, all with high scores in this cup. From Berlin to Badalona, ​​same inspiration. The Joventut marksman clenched his fists as he connected on a triple that Button connected on with La Peña in the second half. Andres Feliz completed the return sock (46-44) and Peñaroya had no choice but to use his star Howard. In his first stunt since returning to the court, the American point guard hit one of those seemingly impossible long shots. He earned three free throws on the next play. No one was missing in the party. The game’s uneven start was already a mirage. Now yes, the red necks were home only. Joventut defended fiercely, counterattacked, ran and shot with confidence. Guy and Brodzienski likewise celebrated from the perimeter, and Howard’s shot did not touch the rim. For the first time, La Peña had an opponent on the ropes: 68–57 at the end of the third quarter in which they went on a 33–15 run.

Howard’s fifth foul condemned Basconia. The people of Vitoria lost a man capable of scoring points with less collective play when time was running out. Distance extended (82-65). He threw down the flag and nobody stopped the green-black men in their offensive led by Tomic (he was 36 years old). Each figure was burned, while in Baskonia each waged war on his own. There is a hunger for glory at Joventut, which hasn’t clinched the Copa del Rey for 15 years. Change vibrate.

Youth, 94; Baskonia, 81

Youth: Vives (2), Guy (10), Parra (15), Brodzianski (12), Tomic (18)—the starting five—; Ribas (8), Busquets (2), Allenson (10), Feliz (10), Birgander (7), Ventura (0) and Cragg (0).

Baskonia: Howard (11), Darius Thompson (11), Giedraitis (13), Costello (7), Enoch (8) – starting five; Heidegger (7), Sedekarskis (12), Marinkovic (7), Diez (3), Kotsar (2).

Partial: 14-19, 21-23, 33-15 and 26-24.

Ref: Antonio Conde, Martin Caballero and Rafael Serrano. Howard was fouled for a personal foul.

Badalona’s Olympics. 11,075 spectators.

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