Itzulia: Alaphilippe wins amidst intrigues and betrayals

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Itzulia: Alaphilippe wins amidst intrigues and betrayals Listen to this article

Caesar Borgia, an element of care, was buried inside the Church of the Assumption, a few steps from the goal of Viana, although the Bishop of Calahora considered decades later that he did not deserve such an honor and He put the remains of his little feet inside. Street. Such Borgia, Machiavelli’s inspiration, was an expert in treachery and various manipulations and, like the new generation of cyclists, an example of speed: he was a bishop at 16 and a cardinal at 20, winning the Tour. As in professional first year. Of course his father was the Pope, and his career became a series of revolving doors.

He was the king of intrigue, Caesar Borgia, until a betrayal put an end to him. There are also intrigues and betrayals in cycling, which were spread by cyclists in olden times through their trusted journalists. This is no longer necessary: ​​there is television, and Euscal Telebista, which broadcasts the Itzulia signal, has a brilliant idea of ​​turning the directors’ cars into one. reality showAnd it’s usually between the spare wheel and the cooler with cold drums and energy gels, where Borgia-style intrigue or betrayal boils, and that can also hasten the end of the stage.

There are eight kilometers left for the Viana finish line to reach the grave of César Borgia, and Burgos BH, Rubén Pérez and the director of Caja Rural, José Miguel Fernández, discuss the car next to the car. all live. “The race is on,” Perez says. “I’m going to finish fourth”, replies Fernandez. “And if they catch on from behind, will you beat Alaphilip? At least let them be together. But they are not together. After a 180-kilometer four-way breakaway, come fights, and splits, intrigue and betrayal. The group breaks up. The smartest, Ebon Ruiz (Kern Pharma), is leaving because the other three – Amazqueta (Caja Villager), Okamika (Burgos) and Azurmendi (Euskaltel) – look at each other with disbelief. There are very few opportunities to get into the group, because the peloton is insatiable, but without cooperation it is almost impossible.

They look at each other, in disbelief, and the platoon falls asleep, as the patient is not interested. Let them invent the kind of expression that confronts Ortega and Unanumo, though with a cycling spirit. The leader had nothing to gain in the historic Navaran city of Viana, nestled between Logroo and the Basque Country. If rain was expected in Hondarribia and the sun was shining, then at the Viennese finish line, those who thought of the wind as a destabilizing factor were dead calm, which reassured the yellow jersey and his team, who cared. Not whether they migrated or that the fastest workers were employed. They shouldn’t have done it. They didn’t even want to.

But there are others who must, who began to smell blood, that something was rotting at the breakaway, almost at the limit, and the two-minute gap with ten kilometers left, was reduced to a difficult countdown. A few more poorly matched, the fugitives let themselves go. Only Ebon Ruiz tried almost to the end, but the calculations of the peloton are usually very accurate. They hunted him five hundred meters below the finish line, and then what Rubén Pérez had predicted happened: “Are you going to beat Alaphilip?” not good. Launched by Evenpoel, which put the locomotive into high gear, the world champion won with outrageous authority. He scored his first win with the jersey in 2022 rainbow,

Nothing changes in the general, which Roglic orders. The calculation of Kaza Rural went wrong. By escaping, he could have finished at least fourth. In the mass arrival, his best runner Auler was fifth, and his director Fernandez claimed that the Amazqueta had a fever. What things

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