iPhone mini models hit Apple’s refurb stores a few days before the debut of the bigger iPhone 14 series

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iPhone mini models hit Apple's refurb stores a few days before the debut of the bigger iPhone 14 series
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For the first time in several weeks, Apple has upgraded its refurbished and clearance stores to a . has reopened with iPhone 12 Mini Model RangeThe small form factor is expected to be dropped from Apple’s flagship smartphone lineup just a few days back.

iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 12 Mini
For the upcoming iPhone 14 series, Apple is believed to be ditching the 5.4-inch iPhone “mini” size in favor of larger device dimensions. Available options are expected to include the 6.1-inch iPhone 14, 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro, 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max and 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The 5.4-inch iPhone “mini” size was originally introduced in 2020 with the introduction of the iPhone 12 mini, which was greeted with much fanfare for its compact size. The device was followed by last year’s iPhone 13 mini, a largely incremental update. Apple still sells both models on its main store page, but despite the small devices’ apparent popularity among enthusiasts, Apple hasn’t considered the form factor popular enough to create a new iteration for the third year running.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will decide to continue offering the brand new iPhone mini model after launching its next-generation flagship iPhone 14 series, and its successor model has yet to be listed in Apple’s refurb store. The availability of the return of the refurbished iPhone 12 mini units is likely to be noteworthy for consumers in favor of smaller sizes.

Apple began selling certified refurbished iPhone 12 mini devices in July this year – a full 21 months after it was originally launched – but demand over the past several weeks has been hard to catch after news of their imminent demise in Apple’s upcoming new has made it. Flagship range.

The iPhone 12 mini offers the same feature set as the iPhone 12, just with a more compact design, 5.4-inch display, and 15 hours of battery life during video playback, while the iPhone 13 mini’s upgrade over the iPhone 12 mini is mostly iterative. , offering a brighter display, a smaller notch, refinements in terms of performance improvements and new camera software features.

More significant upgrades include camera hardware and longer battery life, but at face value that’s not enough for most customers to justify getting the new model over the iPhone 12.

refurb iphone 12 mini

At Apple’s Refurb Store, iPhone 12 mini models are now available for as low as $529 for the 64GB version (a $100 savings) and as low as $659 for the 256GB version (a $120 savings).

Refurbished iPhones come unlocked and SIM-free. All refurbished iPhones come with a new battery, a new outer shell, and a new white box that includes all manuals and a USB-C to Lightning cable. All refurbished iPhones are covered by Apple’s standard one-year warranty and are eligible for extended AppleCare+ coverage.

Apple says that its refurbished iPhones are thoroughly tested and cleaned, and in our view, they’re no different than brand new iPhones. The only notable difference with the certified refurbished iPhone is that it comes in a plain box.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 14 series at its “Far Out” media event on Wednesday, September 7. Check out our guide to everything we’re expecting to see at Apple’s upcoming event, and be sure to visit MacRumors in the coming week. Comprehensive minute-by-minute coverage of all important events.

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