iPhone 14 Pro Users Experiencing Issues With CarPlay Phone Calls

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iPhone 14 Pro Users Experiencing Issues With CarPlay Phone Calls
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Following the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max last week, some early device adopters said they experienced an issue that allowed them to hear at a suitable volume during phone calls initiated via CarPlay in the vehicle. prevents from

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Affected users have documented this issue MacRumors Forum, reddit, TwitterAnd this Apple Support Community In the last three to four days. Most users said that after calling someone with an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max via CarPlay, their voice sounded quiet or distant at the end of the call.

Most of the complaints are from users with an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max running iOS 16.0. Downgrading to iOS 16.0 doesn’t help.

MacRumors Was able to reproduce the issue in a 2022 Honda Civic with an iPhone 14 Pro running iOS 16.0.1 by making a phone call via wired CarPlay. The problem did not occur with regular hands-free Bluetooth calls with the same device in the vehicle.

It is not clear what caused the problem or how many users are affected, but it seems to be another bug affecting the iPhone 14 models. Apple is already planning to release an iOS 16 update next week to address issues with the rear camera on the iPhone 14 Pro model vibrating uncontrollably in select apps, the iPhone 14 Pro model from another iPhone. Data freezes after transfer, and excessive copy and paste is allowed. gives a signal.

We reached out to Apple to ask if it was aware of the issue, but the company did not immediately respond to our request for comment. We will share any additional information about this issue, including any feedback from Apple, as it becomes available.

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