iPadOS 16 Tidbits: Dramatically Improved Files App, System-Wide Undo/Redo, and More

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iPadOS 16 Tidbits: Dramatically Improved Files App, System-Wide Undo/Redo, and More Listen to this article

iPadOS 16 is now available to developer beta testers with improvements to Messages and Safari, and the new Stage Manager, which enables multiple app windows and Mac-like multitasking on M1 iPads.

iPad 16
As has always been the case, many features are shared between iOS and iPadOS, and that is certainly true this year. iPadOS 16 gets a number of great new features from iOS 16, including the ability to edit and send messages, improve focus, and more.

However, there are a few features and changes exclusive to iPadOS 16 that take even more advantage of the iPad and its performance. We’ve highlighted some iPadOS 16 facts below:

Files app gets quality-of-life improvement

change in ipados 16 file app

The Files app in iPadOS 16 is getting some much-requested features from iPad users, including easy navigation buttons, easy access to common controls like duplicate and rename, the ability to change file extensions, and more. The new changes are part of Apple’s efforts to make iPadOS apps more “desktop”.

System-wide undo and redo and find and replace

ipados 19 search and replace

iPadOS is gaining system-wide undo and redo functionality, making it easier and more Mac-like for users to easily revert changes made to apps and across the system. iPadOS 16 also introduces system-wide Find and Replace features that work online in the Notes app.

Reference Mode Support on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Video Editing M1 iPad Pro

With the high-end 12.9-inch iPad Pro with iPadOS 16, users can take advantage of the Liquid Retina XDR display and use the iPad as a reference monitor. It is aimed at artists and creators who need accurate colors and vivid details when working on large projects.

Option to activate Lock to end call

ipados 16 lock to end call

In Settings, Accessibility & Touch, users can now choose to turn on “Lock to End Call”, which makes it easy to end the current call by pressing the top button.

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