iPadOS 16 includes internal mode for testing Stage Manager on older iPads

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iPadOS 16 includes internal mode for testing Stage Manager on older iPads Listen to this article

Amid controversy over Stage Manager and its hardware requirements, an investigation revealed that iPadOS 16 includes an internal mode that allows Apple to test multitasking on iPads that don’t have the M1 chip.

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code found by 9to5Mac The beta software supposedly refers to an internal setting that enables “chamois” (the stage manager’s codename) for “legacy devices” or, in other words, iPad models that lack the M1 processor. which Apple considers necessary to provide a “quick response” experience.

The existence of the internal mode is in line with comments made by Apple’s chief software engineer Craig Federighi in a recent interview with Apple. ForbesIn which he said that internal testing had revealed that non-M1 iPads were unable to deliver the Stage Manager experience that Apple was seeking.

“We started some of our prototypes tied to those systems and it quickly became apparent that we could not deliver the experience we were designed for with them.” “Of course we would love to bring any new experience to as many devices as possible, but we don’t want to stop defining a new experience and build the best foundation for the future in that experience. And we could really just do that by building on M1.” ,

The existence of an internal mode for testing Stage Manager on older iPads doesn’t guarantee that the feature will work as Apple intended on these devices, but it’s likely to fuel debate about whether Apple’s iPads will work. Totally truthful about hardware limitations. Which lacks the M1 chip.

In a statement shared by René Ritchie last week, Apple said Stage Manager requires “larger internal memory, faster storage, and flexible external display I/O, all delivered by iPads with the M1 chip.” are done.” ,

Stage Manager allows users to resize iPad apps in overlapping windows for a better multitasking experience. It also supports an external display with 6K resolution, allowing users to work with up to four apps on the iPad and up to four apps simultaneously on the external display.

Some users have questioned why Apple doesn’t allow Stage Manager to work on older devices by limiting the resolution of external displays or the number of apps that can be used at the same time. Others have pointed out that Stage Manager is also included in macOS Ventura, which works on Intel Macs that were released in early 2017.

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