iPad mini 7 unlikely with 120Hz promotion, says performance analyst

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iPad mini 7 unlikely with 120Hz promotion, says performance analyst Listen to this article

A sketchy rumor suggesting that Apple will release an iPad mini with 120Hz promotion was revived in Asian media today, but a well-connected display industry analyst has already reacted to the reports with skepticism.

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Responding to a question about the rumor on Twitter, Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) analyst Ross Young said it would be “astonished“If true, as the LCD panel Apple uses for the iPad mini, does not support Promotion.

Apple currently uses a-Si LCD backplane technology for the iPad mini 6 display. A-Si, or amorphous silicon, is the display technology of choice in the display market due to its low cost and relatively simple production process.

In contrast, Apple’s iPad Pro models use an oxide LCD panel, Young notes. Oxide LCD technologies, one of the most popular “IGZOs”, are favored in the premium smartphone industry for their ability to provide high contrast, refresh rates, and resolution.

Suggestions that Apple could possibly adopt promotions for the next-generation iPad mini began to receive attention soon after the “Jelly Shift” phenomenon was identified. The term refers to the skewed/wobble text effect that some users see when scrolling through text on the iPad mini 6 in portrait mode.

Since the LCD displays line by line updates, there is a slight delay in updating the top and bottom lines. While this is normal behavior for an LCD screen, it may seem more obvious when viewed on the iPad Mini.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors of an iPad mini with promotion. The claim first surfaced on Korean forums in November, with claims that Apple was testing Samsung-supplied displays for the future iPad mini. The latest resurgence of the 120Hz iPad mini rumor appears to be back on LeaksApplePro, which has no history of exact leaks or rumors from Apple.

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