iPad Home Hub support is apparently being removed in iOS 16

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iPad Home Hub support is apparently being removed in iOS 16 Listen to this article

As part of its revamped Home app experience in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, Apple appears to be removing support for using the iPad as a Home Hub.

Home App iOS 16
For those unfamiliar with what the Home Hub does, the HomeKit framework allows you to remotely control compatible smart home devices, but some features like location-based automation require a designated Home Hub, which remains on. away again.

For example, with the Home Hub, some thermostats can convert the temperature to something cheap using a virtual geographic range (geofencing) every time you leave your home. Home Hub lets you use Siri to trigger actions when you’re away from home.

In iOS 15, Apple allows you to designate an Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad as a Home Hub, but in iOS 16, which is currently in beta, “only ‌Apple TV” and “HomePod” supported as Home Hub are,” according to one Footnote on Apple’s iOS 16 preview webpage,

Despite this change, it should be noted that iPadOS 16 beta 1 still allows you to designate an iPad as a Home Hub. However, judging by Apple’s marketing web page for iOS 16, as well as the interface notes in iPadOS 16, it is likely that this capability will be removed in a later version of the software.

iOS 16 iPad Home Center

iPadOS still available as Home Hub in iPadOS 16 beta 1

Apple hasn’t explained why the iPad 16 has dropped from the list of Home Hub devices supported in iOS, but it may have something to do with Apple’s announcement that HomeKith will support the upcoming Miter cross-platform compatibility smart home standard. When it comes out later. doing work.

Matter HomeKit will enable users to integrate more IoT devices into their smart homes than ever before, and control them using the Home app and Siri. Matter is expected to launch later this year, which will likely be around the time iOS 16 is officially released to the public in the fall.

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