iOS 16 includes a copy and paste function for editing photos

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iOS 16 includes a copy and paste function for editing photos Listen to this article

The iOS 16 Photos app adds a new editing feature designed to let you copy your edits from one photo and paste them onto another photo, which is handy if you have multiple photos that you want to edit in the same way. If you want, it’s easy.

ios 16 photo copy and paste editing
To use the feature, you can apply your edits to an image and then tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, which is new in iOS 16. From here, you can tap Copy Edits to copy everything you’ve done to the image.

Open another photo, tap on the same three-dot icon and choose Paste Edits and the second image will get the exact same adjustment. This feature is useful if you have a specific aesthetic that you want to keep for all of your images, or if you have a batch of iPhone photos taken at the same time that would benefit from similar enhancements. Previously, copy editing in Photos this way required a third-party app, but now it can be done directly in the default Photos app.

Apple has also made other improvements to the Photos app. There’s an option to undo and redo edits, so you don’t have to discard all your changes if something doesn’t work, and an option to alphabetize the People album the first time around. All these new features, including copy and paste, are available in iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura.

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