iOS 16: How To Change The Lock Screen Of Your iPhone Based On Time Or Location?

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iOS 16: How To Change The Lock Screen Of Your iPhone Based On Time Or Location? Listen to this article

Apple introduced several improvements to Focus Mode in iOS 16, and one of them is the ability to tie a custom lock screen to a special focus mode. With the plethora of customization options that can now be applied to the lock screen, this means that you can specifically customize them to better reflect your perspective.

focus lock screen ios 16
One of the great things about iOS 16 is that it allows you to make your lock screen more informative or functional, and then switch to your favorites whenever you need to. For example, when you’re at the office, you can have a lock screen with a task-focused widget and a family photo. Or at night when you’re winding down before bed, you might prefer a minimalist lock screen with fewer widgets and a relaxing sunset wallpaper.

The good thing is that by linking Lock Screen to Focus Mode, you can switch to your custom lock screen automatically at a certain time, or even at a certain location. As the image above shows, you can link the lock screen to the current focus mode by tapping the focus button that appears in the Lock screen gallery, which is accessed from your iPhone’s currently active lock screen. with prolonged pressure.

You can also select Lock screen while creating a new focus mode in Settings. Here’s how it works in iOS 16, which is currently in beta and will be released in the fall.

Create a laid back outlook with a custom lock screen

In this example, we’ve already customized a lock screen that we want to activate when the workday ends, and now we’re going to create a focus mode link to it by following the steps below.

  1. On iPhone, go to Settings -> Focusand touch , in the upper right corner of the screen to create a new focus.
  2. play custom On the next screen, proceed to give your focus a name and corresponding icon, then tap next,
    1Link iOS Lock Screen Focus Mode
  3. When your focus is active, set any notification muting options for people and apps, then select the lock screen option under Customize screen.
  4. create a new lock screen from gallery, or Choose from current lock screen,
  5. With your lock screen linked, touch add automation To “Activate Automatically”.
    2 Link iOS Lock Screen Focus Mode
  6. On the New Automation screen, select weather,
  7. Active Almanac And choose the time you want to activate your focus and what days of the week.
    ios 3 link lock screen focus mode

With its new focus mode now programmed, its associated lock screen will also be activated at the same time.

iOS 16 is currently in beta testing so that Apple has time to fix any bugs and allow developers to prepare their own apps. A public release is expected in the fall, probably around October.

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