iOS 16: Everything New With Notes & Reminders

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iOS 16: Everything New With Notes & Reminders
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The iOS 16 update focuses mainly on the lock screen and new features for apps like Mail, Messages, and Photos, but Apple has made some small changes to the Notes and Reminders app, adding some new options.

iOS 16 Notes
This guide highlights all the new features in the iOS 16 Notes and Reminders apps.


There are some quality improvements to the Notes app, most notably the option to lock notes with the same passcode you use to lock your iPhone.

iphone quick note

Share Sheet has gained “Add to Quick Note” option so that you can create quick notes on iPhone. Add to Quick Note is an option in the first and third party apps on the iOS operating system. You can create quick notes with Safari links, images, and more.

iOS 16 Notes Quick Note

Quick Notes used to be the only iPad feature introduced in iPadOS 15, but iOS 16 brings them to the iPhone as well. On the iPad, you can create Quick Notes from the lock screen, but the Share Sheet interface is required on the iPhone.

Updated Smart Folders

New Smart Folder filters are available for better note management. Rules can be created for Create Date, Modified Date, Share, Mention, Checklist, Attachment, Folder, Quick Notes, Pinned Notes and Locked Notes.

notes smart folder option ios 16

Smart Folders used to be based entirely on tags, so it’s a notable update to the way notes are organized.

lock notes with passcode

Instead of choosing a specific passcode for a locked note, you can instead lock your notes with your iPhone’s passcode. This makes more sense than thinking of a standalone password, as you are not likely to forget your iPhone passcode.

iOS 16 Passcode Lock Notes

Notes locked with a passcode can be automatically unlocked with Face ID and the feature doesn’t need to be enabled, plus you can use the passcode of the device you’re using on all of your devices. Can access your locked notes.

Note that notes locked with your passcode can only be viewed on devices running iOS 16h, iPadOS 16, or macOS Ventura. Devices running earlier versions of iOS and macOS will not be able to view passcode locked notes.

grouping by date

In your list of notes and in your gallery view, notes are grouped by chronological categories like today and yesterday to make it easier to find your most recent notes.

notes ios 16 date organization


When using Smart Folders or Tags Browser, you can choose to filter for any or all of the criteria you choose.

ios 16 note filters all


Pinned Lists, List Templates, and Complete Smart Lists bring some notable improvements to those who use the Reminders app regularly.

pinned lists

The lists you use most often can be pinned to the top of the Reminders app for easy access. Pinned lists appear right next to Reminders app sections like Today, Scheduled, and Flagged.

ios 16 pin reminder

full smart list

Apple has added a new “Done” section to the Reminders app that collects all the reminders you’ve checked and finished. It is organized into sections that include the last 7 days and the last 30 days, then back and forth, it organizes the reminders into months and years.

iOS 16 Full Reminder

Completed reminders can be cleared by tapping the Clear button at the top of the app, or they can be deleted individually by swiping up.

list templates

If you have a list that you reuse frequently, like a grocery list or packing list, you can save it as a template so that it can be reused anytime. When creating a new list, the Templates section appears as an option so that you can choose the templates you created earlier.

ios 16 reminder template

You can go to the Templates section of the Reminders app and make any template shareable. From there you can copy a link and send it to other people.

ios 16 reminder save as template

Others are also able to share templates with you, and those templates can be imported into the Reminders app.

Improvement in scheduled and today’s list

Grouping by time and date is designed to make it easier to view and add reminders. Today’s list is now grouped on the basis of morning, afternoon and night for better division of the day.

ios 16 reminder today organization

The scheduled list has week and month groups for long-term organization.

better list group

Any list group can be tapped to display a combined view of both lists and reminders.

shared list notifications

You can choose to receive a notification when tasks are added to or completed in the shared list.

advanced notes

Notes added to Reminders now support underlining, bold and strikethrough text, plus bullet points can be used.


You can choose to filter for any or all of the criteria in a custom smart list or tag browser.


Notes and Reminders both work with the new collaboration feature that Apple implemented in iOS 16h. You can send an invitation to collaborate in Messages or FaceTime, and everyone on the thread is added to the note or reminder you’re working with.

guide feedback

Have questions about Notes and Reminders in iOS 16, know of a feature we skipped, or want to give feedback on this guide? Send us an email here.

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