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Indra to join Amber Capital’s board, which has been expanded to 16 members

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Indra has called a shareholders’ meeting on June 30 to ratify the changes at the top approved by the board of directors last week. Thus, the call includes a resolution to the Board to appoint José Vicente de los Mojos as the new Executive Director and to confirm his appointment as CEO of the Company, as the Company has notified to the CNMV. De los Mojos will replace Ignacio Matix, who resigned on May 18. Independent director Alex Arendt also resigned from said council in protest of Matix’s departure and the haste to find his replacement.

The call also includes expanding the number of directors, going from the current 14 to 16, and admitting Amber Capital to the highest body through the appointment of Pablo Jimenez de Parga as Proprietary Director. The investment fund, the largest shareholder of PRISA (publishers of EL PAÍS and Cinco Días), has doubled its stake in Indra to 7.239%, which is the capital required for a seat on the company’s board.

In addition, Indra has proposed the entry of María Ángeles Santamaría Martín and Elena García Armada on the board as independent directors—“With this expansion and the appointment of two independent directors, it is possible to respond to the new reality created by the new shareholding. Will continue to adhere to the company’s structure and best corporate governance practices,” the statement said.

As Indra puts it, if ratified by the shareholders’ meeting, “with at least half of the sixteen independent directors, it would be possible to comply with Recommendation 17 of the Good Governance Code”. At the same time, the company pointed out, the company reinforces its commitment to gender diversity, reaching 37.5% female presence on the board.

“If shareholders give us their support, we will have a broader, more solid and diverse board to meet the exciting challenges and opportunities facing Indra and respond to the demands of our interest groups. We are building a more coherent business project, and we have specific reasons to be optimistic”, Indra Chairman Mark Murtaugh said in the statement.

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