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in defense of the pillow chain

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I didn’t know which series to watch for a while. beyond wonderful monday you gave us last of us, The rest of the week, every night, the same conundrum: What does one wear to survive in an era with the most content within one’s reach? in this fallow White lotus And succession I did what everyone else does: recreating myself in the safety of my favorite series. alternate chapters of i Gilmore Girls Together doctor in alaska While I search for those other smaller chains that no one recommends about Canas, they fit the hangover better than a plate of pasta.

they say inside slate that erapeak tv, Happy days when streamer Millions on offer for the best talent—it’s over. that more than a pinnacle of creativity, we are facing a low age (“through tv”), in which we are only interested in what the algorithm dictates and recreates what works in its day. Hence this avalanche of (bad) improvements down the series Velma one of two that ’90s showoverdose of true Crime And spin off Of yellowstone,

I can’t comment with many that the series is as intelligent as it is sweet. Abbott Elementary or that ironic simplicity without aspiration to change your life Maggi It ends hooking up (of course not, there won’t be a second season). They won’t be Oscar-ready, but amid all the predictable chatter, a batch of smart twist-like rom-coms pink, an old acquaintance one of two Fire Island. No one would say they owned the golden age of television, but adapting that material is like leaning back on that well-worn and favorite cushion: our oasis while we feel like life outside is overwhelming us.

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