In Canada Real destroyed a network that cultivated 17,500 marijuana plants around the gangster's home Listen to this article

A blue sofa stands in the middle of a pile of rubble from which a house at Canada Real in Madrid was reduced. This is not just another demolition in the region that experienced periodic demolition due to the resettlement of its residents, but a marijuana plantation controlled by the Boar clan was hidden here. Just a few meters away, another mountain of cement and other materials rises, which is now an empty space with only five white plastic chairs standing. The two buildings, which were destroyed on March 18 amid a strong smell of marijuana, were part of a network dedicated to drug trafficking, along with more than 17,500 plants hidden in homes around the network’s kingpin’s property. In this joint operation of police and civil guard, 44 members of the criminal group have fallen.

Occupation was based not only on economic control but also on territorial control. Drug cultivation and processing centers were located around the clan leader’s house. “The man who was on top of everything devoted himself to buying parcels around his property. He also exhorted the residents to cultivate their properties and ensure control over the area,” explain police sources. In the words of these same sources, these tribes were “old acquaintances” of agents, as they were concerned with the sale of drugs in the frontier towns of the same region of Madrid.

The business was so profitable that it allowed the network to acquire a car park worth 500,000 euros. To obtain such an advantage, they did not remain in the national territory, but allied themselves with another criminal group of Chinese origin that was in charge of exporting marijuana to other countries. A profitable alliance between local producers and international exporters. Police investigations began in mid-March 2021 and the Civil Guard in the summer. In November, the two bodies agreed to unify the investigation which led to the disbanding of the gang.

kilos of buds

On 18 March, agents conducted 22 simultaneous searches of people belonging to the network and seized twenty firearms, three vehicles, approximately 60,000 euros and 110 kg of marijuana buds. Members of the network had practiced illegal hookups into the township’s electricity supply to maintain crops inside the buildings. Those arrested face charges of offenses of drug trafficking, electricity fraud, money laundering and illegal possession of weapons.

Power company technicians proceeded to disconnect the tested connections, including the four transformers. It is common for the unusual consumption peaks known by power companies to be the route followed by agents to locate marijuana plantations.

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Taking advantage of the operation, the city councils of Madrid and Rivas, under the watchful eye of neighbours, proceeded to demolish 14 illegal buildings, finding that the plots were working for farming, for drying or for sale. Had been. A few days after the demolition, some people could still be seen walking and searching through the rubble. “Nothing else, eh!”, remarks a resident of the area as he passes one of the many.

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