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In a Nest room and other hotel experiences

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The urge to travel strikes our mood from time to time. Sometimes it appears as an urgent need, at other times as a distant dream. Today the future way of being a passenger is among the most debated issues in economic forums, zoom tourism industry, webinar of experts and teams of futures analysts. Persistent tracking of lived experiences, always different, is the common slogan and they bring up the most recurring findings. beyond digital travel one of two through booksThese platforms talk about security corridors and a new exclusivity that mainly excludes tourist crowds.

Where were the compass killers? “By then I had realized that the quest was my sign, a symbol of those people who go out at night without any definite purpose, the cause of the compass killers.” phrase of julio cortazar Having taken on a renewed value, curious travelers are encouraged to forge new paths and not follow predictable guides. Some of the proposals that respond to the most advanced concerns about travel are being made by designers and architects through projects that deal with essential and existential issues that concern us today: protection, shelter, shelter, High-altitude viewpoints, watchtowers from which to observe the horizon, caves for meditation and reflection. Such are these new places, havens of peace in nature, amidst the protection of forests and mountains, caves without natural light, mirrored nests in the tops of tall trees. This is a snapshot of the places that captivate our imagination, a reflection of our desire to fly and at the same time continue to shelter ourselves from the inclement weather of the pandemic.

Double 'suite' of the Vivode Hotel in Benimantel (Alicante).
Double ‘suite’ of the Vivode Hotel in Benimantel (Alicante).Amanda Glaze.

scenario, hero

Like birds we see the possibility of flight, of travel.

The Treehotel in Sweden, Located in myrrhfacing the Arctic Forest is one of the most instagram And with a waiting list since it opened. Its rooms are in cabins suspended from trees, each with a name that matches its form and function: The Mirrorcube, Bird’s Nest, The Blue Cone, The Cabin, The UFO, The Seventh Room, and Dragonfly. They are designed and managed by various architecture studios and interior designers such as Snøhetta, Tham & Wiedegaard Arkitekter, Cyren & Cyren, Sandel Sandberg or Bertil Harström. Britas Pensionat, a local hotel. The most desired Bird’s Nest and two room complex is the 7th room, whose façades are covered in mirrors and the powerful surroundings attract the reflections caused by nature.


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in spain, alive camouflaged in the middle of the woods, meets all the principles of a lasting link with nature Guadalest ValleyIn Alicante, Design is from architects and landscapers daniel mayo, Augustine Marie And Pablo Vazquez, Who also manages it. Hotel is invisible. Its wide glass facades show nature in all its splendor from within; From the outside, it expands and reproduces it through reflections of light.

This trip to new havens for explorers may be covered by the architect’s fashion collection Rachel Budge Name nests, a formula of durable and covering material. or enter the haven of dreams nest furniture For the home of designer Nacho Carbonell.

Accommodation in one of the XUQ's cave rooms, located in the town of Albacete, Jerquera.
Accommodation in one of the XUQ’s cave rooms, located in the town of Albacete, Jerquera.

shelter in the rock

Inside the earth, the havens that shelter and embrace us, a return to the original cave.

on the mythical slopes of Mount Ziriya or Silene, on the greek peninsula peloponnesea new one has grown resort, Hyades Mountains, It has reproduced a cave-shelter designed by tenon architecture, Completed in 2020, its main space follows the rocky lines of a cave, but is finished in wood. The warmth of the cavern is derived from the sinuous sculptural forms worked by hand.

The facilities of the 'resort' Hydas Mountain (Greece).
The facilities of the ‘resort’ Hydas Mountain (Greece).tenon architecture

in spain, XUQ Hotelin the province albaciteIt is increasing year by year. Victor Pindo And Fernando Montegudo launched this rural abode in jorkera cave house four years ago. The success has seen them expand the facilities, with a determination to always have pieces of design in their spaces, creating a contemporary environment that includes small pools for relaxation and water, not just the flow of the Zukar River. The cave rooms are bioclimatic and sustainable; Without spending energy, they maintain a constant temperature of 20 degrees both in winter and in summer.

Every year new pedestrian routes are opened along and around the river Cuba’s Village, Maldonado or Alcozarezos, Also dug in the mountains. A perfect complement for those encouraged to discover the essence and way of life in ancient times.

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