Iglesias redoubles criticism of the PSOE for its response to the crisis in Ukraine | Spain

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Iglesias redoubles criticism of the PSOE for its response to the crisis in Ukraine | Spain
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Pablo Iglesias has redoubled this Saturday the criticism against the PSOE for its response to the crisis unleashed in Eastern Europe and has accused the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, of treating the Spanish as “fools” for their justification on paper of NATO. In a pre-campaign act on hoaxes as a political strategy held in Valladolid together with the candidate for the presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León, Pablo Fernández, the former Vice President of the Government has attacked the “militaristic brilliance” of the minister and has predicted that In the coming days, the PSOE will “soften” its position regarding Spain’s participation in the mission. In a simultaneous rally in Asturias, Pedro Sánchez has avoided confronting United We Can about sending troops within the NATO strategy in the face of the possible outbreak of a war in Ukraine.

“I no longer have to give a rally, I have to say things that my colleagues who are in politics cannot say,” warned Iglesias, who since his withdrawal from institutional politics in May has gone beyond any party spokesperson, and of course, much further than the ministers in the Government. ”We have heard the Minister of Defense say something that PSOE voters do not believe, that NATO was born to defend peace, the LGTBI community, human rights, democracy, public health. Do you think, Minister, that people are stupid? To questions from Breaking News, the former vice president clarified that this statement is not literal, but an “ironic” way of referring to the minister’s defense of NATO. Iglesias has also described the military tension between the US and Russia as “extremely dangerous” and has pointed out that “most of the progressive and also conservative people” in the country “want peace”. The founder of Podemos has predicted that “what the PSOE says” will soften in the coming days.

“People are fed up with lies, they know that humanitarian wars are a real joke, that wars are not waged in the name of democracy, if that were true the situation of the Palestinians would not be what it is”, he added to the applause of an audience of 200 people.

Since Thursday, United We Can has expressed its “rejection” of the dispatch announced by Robles of military troops in the framework of the NATO operation to dissuade Russia from an invasion of Ukraine. Although the formation has been “concerned” with the escalation of tension in the area and the response of the coalition partner, its ministers, unlike Iglesias, have so far avoided a direct clash with the Socialists. Foreign policy is directed by President Pedro Sánchez, as the head of Spanish diplomacy, José Manuel Albares, recalled on Friday, and in Podemos they are aware of their role in the Government. However, in an attempt to set its own profile and increase pressure on the PSOE, the party released a manifesto on Friday together with Más País and four nationalist forces that are regular members of the Executive —EH Bildu, the CUP, BNG and Compromís— in which They advocated increasing diplomatic efforts seeking the mediation of the OSCE and the UN, respecting the sovereignty of the peoples and ending the “plans” for Ukraine to join NATO.

Without the vice president Yolanda Díaz

The talk held in Valladolid has allowed Iglesias to return to an electoral act of the party, after having been the head of the list in the regional elections in Madrid. While the former Vice President of the Government has supported Fernández with his presence, the participation in the campaign of the new UP leader in the Government, Yolanda Díaz, is still not materialized. Iglesias has charged against the hoaxes of the right, about the controversy over statements by the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, about the macro-farms, and has defended Podemos as the “only” party that “tells the truth.” “Whoever falls and bothers whoever bothers falls”, has added the co-spokesperson of the formation, Pablo Fernández.

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