iFixit says Apple’s self-service repair program is a great move, but it has a problem

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iFixit says Apple's self-service repair program is a great move, but it has a problem
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According to repair website DIY iFixit, Apple’s recently launched self-service repair program is a “huge step forward,” but it’s “not an outright win for repair enthusiasts, which Apple marketers would have you believe”. .

Apple iPhone Self Service Repair
one in blog post Today, iFixit’s Elizabeth Chamberlain said the biggest problem with Apple’s program is that the parts must be paired with a device. When Buying Apple Parts Self Service Repair ShopThe customer must enter the serial number or IMEI of the device, and any ordered parts must be paired with the same device after installation.

“Integrating serial number verification into your payment process is ill-advised and could give Apple the power to block even more repairs in the future,” Chamberlain said. “Building the technology to provide personalized repairs easily establishes Apple as a gateway for approving or denying any future repairs with parts from any source.”

To begin the pairing process, known as system setup, Apple says customers need to contact the self-service repair store support team via chat or phone. The parts store is operated by SPOT, not Apple.

iFixit said there is still “much to be excited about” with the details Apple has announced, including the availability of devices only Apple certified technicians can use so far. Free Step-by-Step Visual Repair Manual on the Apple website.

“We’re excited to see that Apple is making repair manuals available to everyone free of charge online,” Chamberlain said. Like, seriously happy. Like, we’re ordering for twenty-twenty-joy. They are also selling their own repair tools to the public for the first time. You can buy official Apple battery press and remove tools with screen stickers, or even, to our surprise, rent those tools.

iFixit remains optimistic that companies like Apple will need to take additional steps as rights-to-repair legislation moves forward around the world.

“At least Apple is doing some of its homework up front,” Chamberlain said of the initial phase of the program. “Producers know that repair rights are coming, we will get the rest of their allowances in due course.”

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