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Deep Sea Marble is an extremely rare crafting resource FINAL FANTASY XIV Built at the bottom of the ocean with the siren’s song. This small piece of rock is used to craft two distinctive pieces of furniture: the interior marble fountain and the ivy-covered bridge. Marble Indoor Fountain is a stunningly designed indoor fountain sculpted with Moogle sculptures. Ivy-covered bridge is outdoor furniture made from creeping ivy. these housing elements FINAL FANTASY XIV Both require the goldsmith to have a level 90 craft.

To get marble in the deep sea FINAL FANTASY XIV, players will need to gain access to Subaquatic Voyages, underwater campaigns that work similarly to the Retainer’s Venture system. To begin this endeavor, adventurers must prepare a submersible by obtaining the necessary recipes from a board planned in a company workshop. Underwater Voyage is considered a group project that requires a leader who has reached level 50 for the following crafting jobs: Armourer, Blacksmith, Carpenter, and Goldsmith. Note that even though parts and components can be purchased from market boards for much higher prices, anyone who delivers parts to a workshop will still need this level 50 job.

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In addition, fans must be part of a free company that owns a home. ffxiv, Once this and the conditions outlined above are met, players can begin working on their Submersible at the crafting station in their Company Workshop. Depending on player funds and resources, this build process can take anywhere from several hours to several weeks to complete.

FFXIV. finding marbles in the deep sea

Final Fantasy XIV Deep Sea Marble Submarine Journey

Once the Submersible is ready to go, players must “level up” the Sub by sending it on Retainer-style missions. These missions would require special fuel known as cerulean tanks, which could be redeemed for company credits. The return on investment made to start the underwater journey will take time, so players will need to be patient.

For deep sea marble, FINAL FANTASY XIV Adventurers can access this resource once their Submersible Sirensong Sea Mage reaches the pit map. The optimum conditions for obtaining Deep Sea marbles are “Clear and Quiet Seas”. Remember that the items obtained from each trip are slightly dependent on the RNG, so it may take players a try or two to successfully obtain resources. However, once ffxiv Fans who have acquired their rare deep-sea marble can go on to build the beautiful indoor marble fountain and ivy-covered bridge.

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