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decide to buy a new one Tesla It’s exciting, but unfortunately, long wait times can turn that excitement into an annoyance. Since its inception in 2003, Tesla It has shifted the gasoline-guzzling auto industry toward electric vehicles and clean energy. The number of Tesla owners is growing at a record pace, adding more combustion conversions every day.

There are four main vehicles to choose from in Tesla’s current lineup. The flagship Model S was one of Tesla’s first vehicles, and it is still one of its most capable vehicles. It has a sleek design with a range of around 400 miles and hits 0-60 mph in less than 2 seconds. The Model 3 sacrifices autonomy and power, but it does so to achieve a more affordable price. Same is the case with Model X and Model Y (Tesla’s two SUV options). The Model X is Tesla’s flagship SUV, while the Model Y gives you SUV styling at a more reasonable price.

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To Tesla’s credit, there are a lot of things the company does well. Its cars boast of a modern design, excellent range, powerful autonomous driving features and an unmatched charging network. Unfortunately, there’s a big difference between the wait time you spend when ordering a new Tesla and the wait for it to arrive. Amidst growing popularity and shortage of labour/supply, Waiting Time for a New Tesla Maybe extremely Tall, depending on the brand/model you choose. If you’re looking to buy a new custom-built Tesla, here are the current wait times you can expect.

Tesla Model S wait times

We’ll start with the Tesla Model S. Currently, Tesla has two versions of the Model S to choose from, including dual-motor four-wheel drive and three-motor four-wheel drive (better known as the Model S Plaid). ) dual-motor configuration currently has an estimated delivery date between July 2022 and October 2022. If you splurge on the Tri Motor Model S, the wait time drops to the June-July 2022 delivery date.

Tesla Model 3 Wait Time

Tesla Model 3 driving in winter

Buy the Tesla Model 3 Instead? If you’re looking for an entry-level rear-wheel drive model, don’t expect to get it until July or September 2022. The estimated lead time for the Long Range Model 3 is even longer, and Tesla doesn’t expect deliveries until July or October 2022. And if you prefer the Performance Model 3, you get less time with deliveries estimated between June and August 2022.

Tesla Model X Wait Time

a white tesla model x

If you thought the Model S and Model 3 had poor lead times, just wait until you try to buy a Tesla Model X. The standard dual-motor all-wheel drive version isn’t expected to ship until December 2022 or later. March 2023. The Model X Plaid is a bit more reasonable, with deliveries estimated between August and October 2022. But it’s still longer than all Model S and Model 3 configurations.

Tesla Model Y wait times

and last but not least, there is Tesla Model Y. Depending on the version you choose, the wait time can be very short or quite exhausting. Anyone who buys the long range Model Y today should not expect deliveries until October 2022 and January 2023. But if you get the Performance Model Y instead, the wait time drops significantly, dropping to estimated deliveries between June and July 2022.

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