Hilaria and Alec Baldwin are expecting their seventh child

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Hilaria and Alec Baldwin are expecting their seventh child
Hilaria and Alec Baldwin are expecting their seventh child Listen to this article

When a little more than a year has passed since the birth of their sixth child – who came into the world just five months after the last one – the couple formed by actor Alec Baldwin and former yoga instructor has announced via their Instagram profile Who are they and what will hopefully be their seventh child.

Hilaria made the announcement through her Instagram profile, where she has close to a million followers. “After many ups and downs over the years, we have exciting news and a big surprise: another baldwinito It will fall. We were pretty sure our family was already complete, and we are overjoyed with this surprise,” he wrote next to a video in which the couple was seen with young children. “I share with you the moment in which we told the children; As you can see, they are very excited. Our new baby is a point of light in our lives. A blessing and a gift in this uncertain time.”

already have six children between eight and one year of marriage; Also, Alec Baldwin has Ireland for 26 years and is the result of his marriage to Kim Basinger. Carmen was the first of six children born in August 2013. Then came Raphael, who would be seven years old in June, and later Leonardo, five, and Romeo, three and a half. Two and a half years ago, in September 2020, Eduardo Pau Lucas was born, after a difficult time for marriage.

Between Romeo and Eduardo, Hilaria said she had two miscarriages in April and November 2019, when she was already four months pregnant. In the summer of 2020 she announced her new pregnancy, already when it was quite advanced, and in September Eduardo was born. Surprisingly, a sixth child arrived in early March. At first he did not reveal his gender or his name, but through his Instagram profile it has been revealed that this sixth child is a girl named Maria Lucia Victoria and whom he calls Marilu. It was also not known whether it was an adopted child or a surrogate child, but judging by the pictures posted by her parents of the little girl, it appears that she was born by surrogacy, as she would Is A strong resemblance to her older sister, Carmen.

However, the video does not applaud Hilaria Baldwin’s condition, as she is seated on the floor surrounded by children, as confirmed by the magazine. People In this case, she would be pregnant with her seventh child. In fact, she herself has uploaded some Instagram stories where her son Romeo is seen playing and she writes “Romeo says he has a baby in his stomach too.”

In the same publication, the Baldwins have explained. “We have the phrase ‘we are a good team’ [en español en el original] Engraved on our wedding band. We tell each other all the time at home, that we are a good team. Being a great family is one of the most beautiful things our kids have experienced is how the heart keeps on growing every time a brother comes”, he confirms. “Our capacity for love continues to expand and we can’t wait to embrace our new baby this fall.”

In November 2020, Hilaria Baldwin gave an interview to that magazine in which she said that having five kids seemed like the perfect number to start a family. “Right now I feel like I am very tired. And I think, with Covid, it’s a little crazy,” he said. And about expanding the family, he said: “Now, in the time of coronavirus, I firmly believe we are done.”

Controversial avenues have surrounded both Alec and Hilaria Baldwin in recent months. The most recent relates to the actor. Last October, during the shooting of the film WarIn this episode, Baldwin allegedly fired a gun that contained blank bullets but eventually turned out to be real, accidentally killing cinematographer Halyana Hutchins, 42, and also injuring director Joel Souza, 48. In December the actor broke his silence by assuring that he did not pull the trigger and tried to dilute his responsibility through his story and also through his lawyers. The actor was condemned for negligence by other activists of the film.

For her part, Hilaria Baldwin faced less serious controversy but became a sensation on the social network. As a journalist investigated in late December 2020, Hilaria Baldwin is not Spanish, as she had been claiming for years. In fact, her name was not even Hilaria, but Hilary, actually Hilary Hayworth Thomas, and she was born and lived in Boston, Massachusetts, not Majorca. Although she reported that Hilaria says she moved from Mallorca to America at the age of 19 to attend New York University, the journalist contacted several high school classmates in Boston who denied the story. Neither her maternal grandparents were Spanish nor her great-grandparents: they were all from Massachusetts. He never had a Spanish accent. He only spent a few summers in Mallorca, where his parents settled in 2011.

She had no choice but to go out and justify her origins, in a text and seven-minute-long video: “I understand my story is a bit different, but it’s mine and I’m proud of it,” He assured. There she said that in her family they affectionately call her Hilaria and that her husband has always known her origins and her entire history, and that she has decided to raise their children bilingually. “I haven’t done anything wrong. Just because you don’t understand my story doesn’t mean it’s not true. I’m not going to apologise.”

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