Here’s a real-world look at how the iPhone 14 lineup compares to the iPhone 13

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Here's a real-world look at how the iPhone 14 lineup compares to the iPhone 13
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New images of 3D-printed mockups based on relatively precise dimensions for the upcoming iPhone 14 lineup, compared to the latest iPhone 2022 iPhones Apple is planning to make design changes, particularly to expand the camera system. 13 sets.

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The iPhone 14 series will have bigger camera systems at the back based on previous rumors and plans. Images shared today by mac otkara A more real-world look at that design change by trying to fit physical iPhone 14 mockups to iPhone 13 cases and see if they fit.

The 6.7-inch “iPhone 14 Max”, shown in the image below, fits almost perfectly inside the 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max case, indicating that the two devices will have essentially the same physical size. The simpler dual-lens camera system on the non-Pro models is smaller than the triple-lens Pro camera system, so the camera bump on the new non-Pro iPhone 14 Max will be significantly smaller than that seen on Apple’s current 6.7-inch iPhone. 13 Pro Max.

iphone 14 max case mold camera 1iPhone 14 Max Mockup in iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

Moving on to more similar comparisons, the smaller 6.1-inch iPhone 14 and 14 Pro mockups don’t fit neatly into the respective iPhone 13 and 13 Pro cases. The images show that the camera bump causes fit issues in particular, which is significantly bigger on the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro. The overall size of the devices also seems a bit large, as the phones may not even fit in the cases.

iphone 14 6iPhone 14 mockup paired with iPhone 13 case and camera cover

Moving on to the highest-end model in the iPhone 14 lineup, the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max, mac otkara It says that it shares the same overall dimensions with the iPhone 13 Pro Max and hence fits the case with the current model, albeit with a few caveats. Like other models in the iPhone 14 lineup, the large camera bump prevents it from being an exact fit with the existing case.

molds for iphone 14 pro max casesiPhone 14 Pro Max mockup paired with iPhone 13 Pro Max case and camera cover

mac otkara It also examined how the screen protectors for the iPhone 13 lineup fit the mockups of the respective iPhone 14 models, suggesting that some models may have thinner screen bezels with different corner radii.

Finally, mac otkara Couldn’t determine the design of the front camera and sensor on the Pro model, as those details are not included in the mockup. Rumors and leaks have suggested that the Pro model will include a pickup and hole punch design instead of a notch.

As a reminder, the iPhone 14 line is rumored to include four models, with two lower-end sizes of 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch and two higher-end Pro models of the same size. The iPhone 14 line will mark the end of the road for the smaller 5.4-inch “mini” iPhone. For a full list of everything to expect with this year’s new iPhones, check out our full list.

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