Here are the new watch faces in watchOS 9

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Here are the new watch faces in watchOS 9 Listen to this article

Apple’s watchOS 9 update introduces several new watch face options, including Lunar, Playtime, Metropolitan, and Astronomy, as well as redesigns many of the existing watch faces.

The Lunar represents the relationship between the Gregorian calendar and the lunar calendar used in cultures including Chinese, Islamic and Hebrew. There are four complications you can use with this watch face.

moon watch face watchos 9

Playtime is a fun and dynamic Apple Watch face featuring animated numbers, the face designed in collaboration with artist Joey Fulton. Turning on the Digital Crown changes the background by animating the confetti and making the characters react to your touch. You can choose a confetti background or a solid background, but there are no complications.

playful watch face watchOS 9

The Metropolitan is a classic Apple Watch that changes style when the Digital Crown is turned on. Custom designed numbers vary in style and weight, and rotate to become bullets when held under the wrist. Four complications can be combined with the circular dial, and the colors are customizable.

metropolitan clock face

Astronomy is actually a new version of the original Astronomy watch face, but it has been revamped and includes a new star map and current cloud data based on your location. You can set Earth, Moon or Solar System as the main view and customize the font. It supports two complications, and turning on the Digital Crown lets you quickly turn forward or backward to view the moon phase/planet location on another day.

astronomy watch face watchos 9

For existing watch faces, watchOS 9 adds improved and modernized complexities along with a few design updates. Portrait watch faces have a profound effect on more photos, including cats, dogs, and landscapes, and Chinese writing has been added to California and typograph watch faces.

watchOS 9 is available on the Apple Watch Series 4 and later, and does not include the Apple Watch Series 3.

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